38s Over The Mountains - winter 2000

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

Over the nearly ten years from 1997 to 2007 in which we had both 3801 & 3830 in operation, the standout year for the two locomotives double heading would have to have been 2000. There were two trips up the escarpment to Robertson, the legendary Millennium Aurora tour to Victoria, and during June & July three runs up the Blue Mountains. I had the privilege of riding on 3830 for one of the runs up to Katoomba, and was then able to combine the footage from that experience with my trackside scenes to compile what became a very popular video - "38s Over the Mountains". Now that many of us are isolated at home, and very much looking forward to seeing 3801 back in action wearing its awesome new livery, I thought I might help relieve some of the boredom by remastering the footage from those three runs over the mountains and whack it on YouTube.


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  GrahamH Chief Commissioner

Location: At a terminal on the www.
Grrreat! Thanks making and posting this, 38 minutes of 38s!
  SinickleBird Assistant Commissioner

Location: Qantas Club at Mudgee International Airport
Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

The struggle to drag the load up the grade from a standing start at Valley Heights a highlight for me.
  Salty21 Junior Train Controller

Location: Canberra
Hi Bevan

Was "Terra Australis" left at Valley Heights ?

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