Rail showcasing what’s possible in regional Australia


News article: Rail showcasing what’s possible in regional Australia

Smart thinking between Pacific National and Wagner Corporation highlights the many possibilities of rail freight.

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Seeing a shift in the work and focus on PN to get closer to their customers and to begin a more accelerated move into industrial facility connections.   This model has been widely adopted in the USA railroad model proving to be highly successful in that country. Europe has done similar things with intermodal and industrial shared storage facilities.

is the PN move more akin to an SCT business model with rail being connected to facilities across the country in all major capitals now and even two regional centres, one in Victoria the other at Parkes, NSW.

It is now obvious PN are looking to seize the benefits of connecting to intermodal and industrial facilities removing the need for truck to rail head for anything other than local trips.  The added benefit with this partnership being the 3rd modal type air.  I think this would be the first connection of rail to a facility involving air cargo in the country making it more interesting.

Not lost on any of us is the business benefit of inland rail and the massive benefits this will bring to the country when completed. The $13b in benefits could be understated as more and more business models are built around the Grand Trunk of Australia. 

The best is yet to come on inland rail hoping more and more branch and feeder lines are constructed or upgraded to connect with the spine reducing the costs of moving goods on the north/south corridor.

Congratulations to PN for thinking in advance on much of this build getting ahead of the curve on how best to leverage this new asset the country will have.  The company seems a long way ahead in strategy and delivery of industrial facility connections and services whereas Aurizon are yet to leave the starting blocks.

SCT of course lead the industry in the thinking and delivering of wharehousing solutions interconnected with rail.  PN hopefully will closely follow.

SCT have yet chosen to run trains between their Parkes Facility and Sydney for reasons unknown.

Rail showcasing what’s possible in regional Australia

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Fletchers, Crawfords, Bowmans Rail, Grainforce, QUBE, SSR........

Never mind Razz
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Unsure how I should interpret this SCOFF nonetheless off to research the other names you mentioned for public documents outlining business plans for inland rail.  Will I find any?

I have created a news item for a slightly different version and published says awaiting review.
  justapassenger Chief Commissioner

What a mess of a story, I'll come back and have another look once Rail Express have hired a subeditor.
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So let me get this right.

Flying "fresh" is a very niche market. Live seafood, fresh picked fruit & veg. etc.

Victoria is going to fly its fresh produce out from Toowoomba, after a 24hr rail trip. Instead of direct from Essendon.

Ditto eqivalent for oysters & tomatoes all up the East coast.

If it's heavy, bulky, and/or frozen/preserved, then its not going by plane unless extremely expensive and scarce - hardly a business model to spend hundreds of million on !


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