Oaklands line re-activation

  justarider Chief Commissioner

Location: Released again, maybe for the last time??
Dumb question incoming.
When did the Oaklands line close in the first place?
according to VicSig it's been open these past 10 years.

Actual trains, that's another story. Been woken up by toot toot in the middle of the night about 4 years ago.


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  Galron Chief Commissioner

Location: Werribee, Vic
Up at Oaklands today. Noted ARTC hi rail doing its thing at Yarrawonga. Didn’t speak with the driver so don’t know if they are on daily or weekly inspections.

Not a lot of grain at the main site here. Maybe enough to justify a train to clean it out before the next season. They are trucking grain out of at least 1 other site north of the border today so may not. Not much left where there is anything. Reality would have the AK cars up here before a grain train. Think they will be due through the north east of vic in August or September?  

Track in about as good a condition as it was 3 years ago when I was last through here. Steel sleepers about 1 in 4. Wooden sleepers poor to average. Good for a 40-60kmh train to my uneducated eyes. They have renewed a number of level crossings with full concrete however. At least 6 I think. Possibly more. Track south of Yarrawonga in better condition to that north of, but that’s consistent with history.

If they get rain at the right times it will be a good year. Quite wet with a lot of standing water south of the border. North less so, but still there. Weather beaurau Long range forecast is for more rain, possibly La Niña, but some bloke they had on the ABC at lunchtime suggested the climate indicators are all over the shop, so anything could happen. Parts of the Malley are starting to look for rain again.

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