Overland cars HO scale

  davesvline Chief Commissioner

Location: 1983-1998
My apologies if this question has already been raised/and or answered.

Overland cars. I've typed Overland in the search function on this site and it does the 3 bars of indecisiveness and then clears for the next inquiry.
I've also looked through Auscision's site, as I swear I read or saw somewhere the Overland cars were to be done RTR. It may have even been someone asking for them to be done RTR, not sure?

Can anyone shed any light on this or have I imagined it? Specifically the steel bodied cars - timber Auscision are doing.

If the enquiry has already been asked, can someone point me to it and Mods delete the thread accordingly?

Thanks in advance.


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  allan Chief Commissioner

Go back to Auscision and look in among the VR E cars for V&SAR joint-stock cars.
  davesvline Chief Commissioner

Location: 1983-1998
Go back to Auscision and look in among the VR E cars for V&SAR joint-stock cars.
Ahh  oops. The steel bodied, not timber ones.

Perhaps this is where the confusion crept in.

So, steel bodied Overland cars.....

  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
only seen the trainbuilder Overland, nothing from auscision yet ( which I like as  I hope it is stil years away so I might afford one)

David Head
  M636C Minister for Railways

While hardly current, Lima did offer their Southern Aurora sleeping car painted in all the varieties of colours the steel Overland cars had up to the date of production of the models.

This of course only covered the sleeping cars, although the lounge cars used a sleeping car body.

I have a set of sleeping cars and lounge car in the plain silver livery that was used on the standard gauge until the elimination of overnight services.

I've been waiting a long time for a Steelink BL to haul them (Powerline promised one at least twenty years ago).

But sleeping cars were available in Regal Red with grey roofs lettered for "V&ANR" and Great Southern.

CR pattern dining cars and power vans were available painted to match.

In the immediate period following the change to standard gauge, when the train was operated by AN alone and hauled by CLP class, CR dining/lounge and power and baggage vans in plain silver were used with the red and silver sitting and sleeping cars.

This is an option if you can't afford a trainbuilder set (or don't have powerful enough locomotives to haul the heavy brass cars).

I have a Trainbuilder H class that I could use on red and silver cars but two B class would be more believable...

There may be some Lima cars still available second hand.

Frateschi make cars that are a reasonable facsimile of the sitting cars and at a stretch, the baggage cars, but these would need to be painted, and (of course) they are models of Brazilian broad gauge Budd cars and have fluted roofs. Frateschi sleeping cars are a worse option than the Lima cars, which at least have the correct windows for Overland cars buiilt after 1966.

  davesvline Chief Commissioner

Location: 1983-1998
Seems like questions answered then fellas, Cheers.

Here's hoping that someone like Auscision decides to run the steel Overland cars seen being hauled by V/Line locos in the 80s-90s

Admittedly, its probably going to be $150-$160 a car by the time they happen (that's if it's any time soon), at the rate things are going, and combine that with the number seen in a typical consist?

Might pay to start saving, as I believe these are ripe for doing - that's if Auscision doing the IP cars is any indicator of the potential here.

  Oscar Train Controller

Just a tip for searching Railpage that someone told me ages ago, type your search query followed by site:Railpage.com.au into google. Eg "overland site:Railpage.com.au" will get lots of results regarding the Overland in the forums including a couple of Lima conversions under model railways. Seems like a lot of work, but admirable results.

Although nothing official from Auscision I searched their facebook page and all I could find was a couple of requests to do these cars but one post from Auscision say they're planning a rerun of the Southern Aurora cars in 2021. So yeah, possibility there I reckon.

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