Vale Dean Jones

  Big J Deputy Commissioner

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Very sad news that Dean Jones at 59 has died from a cardiac arrest.

I remember him fondly as a kid in the 80s being part of the Australian ODI teams belting a ball out of the park, running so fast between wickets that he was almost overtaking his batting partner between wickets and fielding like no other cricketer before his time.

Dean Jones sure did have an opinion, so everyone knew where he stood on issues, but at least he was driven and not a passive by-stander. He was part of the positive change to the game for Australia both in ODI and tests.

He was part of the group that was coached by Bobby Simpson that turned Australian cricket around with an attitude fixing the fundamentals first and make it a strength. The Australian team fielding performance was second to none and often won games for them. He was a fundamental part of that change.

Vale Dean Jones.  You will be missed by multiple generation of cricket fans.

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  Valvegear Dr Beeching

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Thanks Big J; well written.

Yes; Deano had a pretty good opinion of himself, but he put in the performances to back it up. He was a vital member of Border's 1989 team that won back the Ashes in England, and his ODI efforts were legendary. He wasn't a Test No 3; No. 5 suited him perfectly, but at first wicket down in an ODI innings he was deadly.

Vale, Deano - thanks for the memories.
  michaelgm Chief Commissioner

Heard something attributed to Bob Simpson, that Deano’s double ton in Mumbai was the greatest knock he’d ever seen.
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Heard something attributed to Bob Simpson, that Deano’s double ton in Mumbai was the greatest knock he’d ever seen.

It just may go down to be one of the greatest innings by an Australian batsman ever if you consider the conditions and the series and the location.

He was in my view one of the most exciting batsman to watch to have ever played the game.
  DirtyBallast Chief Commissioner

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I have nothing but fond memories of Deano's cricketing career.

Superlatives from Simpson were not always given though. After Jones hit a triple century for Victoria in a shield match at the MCG in 1995, Simpson apparently said "It must have been a flat wicket" or words to that effect. The premature curtailment of Jones' international career a couple of years earlier was speculated to be as a result of Simpson's influence at the selection table and his disapproval of a relationship at the time between his daughter and Jones, and it seems like he held a grudge. Cricket suffered as a result.
  lsrailfan Chief Commissioner

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One of the legendary moments for Jones was when he told/asked big fast bowler Curtley Ambrose to remove his wrist bands at the SCG, needless to say Curtley was not impressed by this, the next three balls were some of the quickest Jones had ever seen, he responded taking a 5fer, and the Windies went onto smash the Aussies quite easily, here is the story recounted by Deano himself-
  davesvline Chief Commissioner

Location: 1983-1998
All true. But when he got onto the ball........................... See ya later Laughing
  brownhillboy Train Controller

My kids used to get free tickets to see "The Bushrangers" play, back in the nineties at the MCG and also Princes Park. The Victorian side was not strong then, but Deano always entertained the crowd. If he didn't have a good day with the bat, his acrobatic fielding was a highlight. Merv Hughes was at the end of his career then, and it was great to see those Victorian cricket legends playing together.

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