Gawler Electrification Back on Track

  justapassenger Minister for Railways

Have they actually ordered the trains this time? That'll be a key clue as to how serious they are.
Contract awarded in June 2019.

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  Cato56 Station Master

Where is the new substation located.
I've been told that the transformers will be installed at the existing SA Power Networks substation in Kilburn.

Like the Lonsdale substation, this will be a few hundred metres away from where it feeds in to the overhead line system.

WI see new prefabricated buildings in the dry Creek switch yard, but that's dry Creek, not Kilburn as stated. I've seen photos somewhere.
At a guess, one of the prefab buildings at Dry Creek would be for a switching cabin to control the power supply within the depot.

The transformers have been installed at the existing SAPN Kilburn substation Wink (Which is technically located in Dry Creek).

The new prefabricated building in the Kilburn substation is unrelated, see
  Halo Chief Train Controller

I was referring to the dry Creek power station switch yard. There are a couple new prefab buildings in there.

If I'm wrong let me know where they are, love to have a look.

I wonder what substation will power the Adelaide yards?
  DJPeters Deputy Commissioner

Halo I wonder what substation will power the Adelaide yards?
Isn't it that building on the River Torrens side of the yard that was recently built there.
  Halo Chief Train Controller

May be a switch building, like what's at Tonsley. There is no substation going in town.
  Yappo Station Master

Noticed the other day that platforms 7 & 8 at Adelaide station are closed for installation of the overhead wires. Does anyone know if only these 2 platforms are part of the project or will others be included? I would have assumed that platform 6 would also need to be done?
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

All platforms are being done.

With there being little chance of seeing an electric train to Gawler before 2022, there's plenty of time to do a couple of platforms at a time.
  62430 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Metro Adelaide
They've been putting in 25kv overhead fittings on the Regency Road overpass today.
The 25kV cantilever arms were fitted to the masts between Pym - Islington - Islington works back in August.  There has been no visible overhead work in that section since then.  25kV arms were then fitted through Dudley Pk towards Ovingham.  Mast foundations have been cast N from Islington Wks to Dry Creek, N of Pt Wakefield Rd, between Mawson Lakes and Chidda and also between Torrens Bridge and Adelaide Yard.  Masts have appeared from Islington Wks to Grand Junction Rd, and at Greenfields.  At Greenfields and Parafield Gdns stations mast foundations have appeared on the west side of the ARTC line which means that overhead structures will span the ARTC track which carries the double stacked freight traffic.

A major part of the work since July has been the cable ducting work in the trackside out to Salisbury.  New signalling and LX cabinets have been installed from Hawker St to near Kilburn.  Several AWS ramps have been removed and are lying lineside awaiting reinstallation at relocated signals.  Fencing has also been erected at various locations from N Adelaide to S of Salisbury.

It is now almost a year since the visible electrification work commenced.

The DEMUs for the Port, Grange and Belair lines are being maintained at Seaford depot.
I note that mast foundations have been installed along the section from Adelaide Goal (Y Junction) to Ovingham but still no masts installed. Is it the same in this section up to Islington? Anyone hazard a guess as to what progress there will be by the end of Jan 2021?

One has the impression that this is proceeding much slower than planned especially with closures booked through until 10 oct 2021
  Yappo Station Master

Given the already 12 month delay (being generous) with this project what would have been further "significant delays", 2-3 years?

I guess that we now have to assume that the partial and full line closure timetable from Metro for 2021 will now be extended beyond 10 October 2021?

Electrification works on Gawler line increase in cost, handover delay, RailExpress, 08/12/20
"The finalisation of electrification works on the Gawler Line has been delayed and costs have increased by $100 million.
South Australian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Corey Wingard made the announcement about the project on Monday, December 7, and said that to complete the works, the line would not be handed over to private operator Keolis Downer until late 2021. “To better maintain oversight and the operational impacts of the works, the Rail Commissioner will retain responsibility of the Gawler line for now,” said Wingard. “This will allow for a simpler, more flexible arrangement for managing closures, testing and

Wingard said the project has shifted to an alliance contract model to mitigate against potential legal threat arising from the final stages of the project. “We’ve come up with an Alliance Contract model meaning a collaborative approach will
be taken to complete the works,” he said. “Without the formation of an Alliance the project would also have been hit with significant delays.” Trains will be replaced by buses from Boxing Day until April, instead of the planned shorter closures in the January and April school holidays.
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