Update the news category "Cityrail news"


Ideas: Update the news category "Cityrail news"

While this is a small and unnoticeable idea, it would be good for railpage to update the name to something more recent as cityrail was abolished about 7 years ago
An idea for a new name would be 'Sydney Region news"

  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Looking at implementing this change but only has 3 votes.  Calling for more votes please.

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  s3_gunzel Not a gunzel developer

Location: Western Sydney, AU
Given CityRail doesn’t exist anymore, this should be a no-brainer. And not contingent to votes.
  NSWGR8022 Chief Commissioner

Location: From the lands of Journalism and Free Speech
Voted for this change last year.
  DCook Chief Train Controller

Location: The standard state
As the creator of this idea, I must echo s3gunzel's points. The entity is gone, things named after said entity should be changed (most already have been).

Also, a very low percentage of Railpage users even look at the ideas section, let alone vote on any ideas. A general view shows no votes on any other ideas submitted after 2019, and only 3 different ideas since then. About 2-20 users are using Railpage at any given moment, yet there is only 3 ideas and 4 votes over the past 3 years.

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