DCC sound for the Auscision PH power van

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Okay, finally following on from the 'blowing the roof off a PH van' article here: https://www.railpage.com.au/f-t11400560.htm
I've made some advancement with the sound fitting.
I sourced a LokSound 5 decoder, dual speaker and sound file from DCCSound and have fitted an LED light to F11 to light the interior.
Bogies were fitted with modified Kadee coupler centring springs for pickups. I found this article as a starting point: Upgrade the HO Bachmann Old Time 4-4-0 Performance and Add Sound (pacificcoastairlinerr.com)
I only did one side on each bogie as I'll make up a healthily sized 'stay alive' unit from some caps.
Am awaiting the arrival now of a 3D printed genset from Shapeways  which should look the part when painted up.
Below are some pics with a video link at the bottom, if the pics don't appear and the black box does, here's a listing of them if interested:

Link to video, hopefully it will load...
Video of the sound file.

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Sounds brilliant! Good to see someone has gone the extra mile and added sound to their Auscision van.

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