Olary Station Ramp

  ANR Chief Commissioner

Why does Olary have a small platform with a ramp that has an SG rail line going over it? Looks as if it might only allow for a single wagon unless it is a remnant of a longer platform. What was it used for?

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  allan Chief Commissioner

I suspect (without looking it up) that Olary never had huge quantities of either goods or passengers in or out. The little traffic offering would have gone to road when that was sealed, at about the same time as the standard gauge line was completed.

From air photos it appears that the old narrow gauge goods platform was not replaced though the goods siding was gauge-converted. It appears to me that the platform was wood-faced and that it has largely succumbed to neglect and the elements, leaving just the two ends - the western end with the crane, and some of the ramp at the eastern end. I'll check when I am up there next. There is little other incentive to stop at Olary any more, with even the pub closed, so, I guess that in time it will finish up like Mingary, a crossing loop and maybe a sign on the road.
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

Those rails look more like they are related to some sort of rail-mounted machinery used on the goods platforms rather than a standard gauge track.

Perhaps it was something temporary set up for the standardisation project and then simply abandoned once no longer required.
  xdford Chief Train Controller

A picture of the ramp appears in Google Images and it shows the ramp with what looks to be freshly run over rails taken in 2017! I worked in Peterborough Loco and on the Indian in 1975 and 76 but the other electricians I worked with had to service the 500 at first then the 600 that was on track duties east of Peterborough as well as the one which was working at the Pt Pirie end.

I cannot recall where they said they went (there was a temporary pit I think just west of the Crystal brook bridge before it was built) but I am wondering if it might have been Olary and the ramp and perhaps a temporary stilt set was installed beyond the ramp to enable access to traction motors just beyond the ramp? It would have been a long way back to Cockburn for servicing then to take the fellas and the supplies there! Just a surmise!


  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

Location: Mundrabilla but I'd rather be in Narvik
IF we are looking at the same photo(s) I see:
  1. A pretty standard ramped goods platform with old rails used as platform coping on both the level platform and the ramp leading up to it.
  2. An earth ramp which appears to lead to an end loading ramp such as would be used to drive a road vehicle end on onto a flat wagon.
I don't see either feature as at all unusual at outback line locations.
  allan Chief Commissioner
  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

Location: Mundrabilla but I'd rather be in Narvik
Google pictures link.

Thanks Allan.
Definitely not the pic that I was looking at.

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