Mothers Day 2021

  Gayspie Deputy Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, SA
Mother’s Day is complicated, for a variety of reasons so please keep this in mind today;
For those who have dreamed of motherhood and are still waiting for that dream to come true.
For those who are dealing with infertility.
For those whose children have died.
For those whose mothers have died.
For those who have experienced miscarriage or stillbirth.
For those who have made difficult decisions regarding their future motherhood.
For those whose motherhood is challenged by society.
For those who are experiencing motherhood without financial or emotional support.
For those who have complicated relationships with their children.
For those who have complicated relationships with their mothers.
For those who never knew their mothers.
For those who are unable to see their mothers today due to Covid-19 self isolation requirements.

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
A great reminder about the true scope of Mothers Day.
  LowndesJ515 #TeamRog

Location: Not in Victoria
A mate of mine posted this yesterday.

Happy “yearly acknowledgment of the smeg you tolerate daily” otherwise known as Mother’s day.

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