Do you know whatrun "VP02" is?

  LocalCarThief Station Staff

Lately, every morning, I check anytrip for heritage trains and transfer runs and other movements. However, lately, there has been a train that I have noticed operating every morning from Bell to Medlow bath as a "special" train. It is run VP02. Does anyone have a clue on what it is?

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  NSWRcars Assistant Commissioner

coal train to Vales Point
  michaelgm Chief Commissioner

Anyone know where it’s loaded? Airly or Clarence.
  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
Probably Clarence today.

VP02 is not listed in the CRN SWTT, though the VP prefix is, and Anytrip shows it originating at Bell this morning, it doesn't appear on the down side of Newnes Jn though trains can be tracked beyond there.

Bear in mind VP in this case is listed as the destination. I've loaded a VPxx at Teralba and changed ends at Sulphide Jn to then head south, I've also loaded a TBxxx at Teralba for an export rake.

The ARTC train numbering standard shows the various destinations & train loadouts.
  michaelgm Chief Commissioner

Thanks KR.
  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
VP02 has been loading at Airly in recent months. Empty move is AR01. The current program ends today.

CA01/CA02, CA07/CA08, load at Clarence and run to NCIG Kooragang.
  michaelgm Chief Commissioner

Cheers, Bing.
  gw0071 Deputy Commissioner

Seems like forever since I've been back that way, will be good to eventually check out the changes over the past couple of years. A reliable tracking app similiar to those of shipping/aviation would be extremely handy but I'm not holding my breath

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