Aurizon to expand cattle facilities in South East Queensland

  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

The Gympie Times is reporting Aurizon has approached the Gympie Regional Council with plans to expand the currently dormant cattle railing yards at Banks Pocket on the short 1.5km long QR-owned branch between Gympie North and Banks Pocket (the section beyond Banks Pocket to Gympie and Amamoor is owned by MVR).

Aurizon is planning to run a weekly 20 wagon train to Banks Pocket serving as a transfer point to local feedlots and meat processors. Council has been asked to approve B-Double and stock watering facilities.

Banks Pocket was last used by QR during the 2000s for unloading cattle and loading pigs headed to North Queensland.

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  emerald-a Junior Train Controller

Interesting news at a time when the Government still hasn't sorted out a contract for moving cattle from next year onwards.

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