Would anyone have a picture of a "Scavenger"?

  xdford Chief Train Controller

Hi All,

Does anyone have a picture of a "Scavenger" they would care to share with a bit of research I am doing for "Railway Modeller Australia"? Preferably with a 700 2-8-2 on it but a diesel is OK. Can anyone fill in a bit of the history of the Scavenger, perhaps to when it would have run last?  I saw one in 1964 at National Park with a 700 type but I was too young to have a camera!

Thanks in Anticipation


Editor and Publisher  Railway Modeller Australia


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  hbedriver Deputy Commissioner

So, idle curiosity, just what is a “scavenger “?
  allan Chief Commissioner

A 'scavenger' is a slow goods service that works a main line, often over night, shunting all yards - effectively cleaning up all of the 'left-overs'. In this case, the Tailem Bend scavenger, the train left Mile End at midnight, shunted all stations Blackwood to Tailem Bend and was timetabled to arrive at Tailem Bend at around 1000, though I'm sure that this was nominal. There was no return service.

Tailem Bend is around 80 miles from Adelaide...

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