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  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
I've noticed people are still PM'ing mods or even just requesting in the thread itself that a moderator come in to clean up a thread.

While we don't mind the occasional PM, sending the same PM to several mods is not the way to go. Wires get crossed, confusion erupts. Also the moderators simply don't have the time to read all the threads, so if you just post a message in a thread asking for mod assistance, that's hardly productive.

For a while now we've had a ticket system up and running on Railpage that nobody seems to use, despite how many times we remind everyone. So here's another reminder - email if you need moderator attention. Be sure to provide us a link to the offending thread, and tell us why it needs looking at. If we don't respond in a timely manner, follow it up, or start PMing your favourite moderator.

This has been a public service anouncement brought to you by the letter A Mr. Green

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Location: Somewhere your not.
What will the next public announcment brought to us by the letter B  be? I have a feeling it has to do with Booze Laughing
  Pitch Deputy Commissioner

Location: Over There
This adults only episode of Homicide on Sesame street is brought to you by the letter H Laughing
  DavidB Moderator

Location: Canberra
Today's announcement on how to contact moderators is brought to you bu the letters F and U, and the number 412.

  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Attention members,

Thankyou. Your call is important to us.
  Maikha Moderator Not a gunzel

It ceases to amaze me how I still get PMs of complaints and attempts for my attention  Rolling Eyes

FFS.... if there is an issue, contact and with all certainty it will be attended to immediately.


Now why this bumped thread, and outburst? Having been away over the weekend for two nights, I've come home to find various sent PMs of complaints and things in my inbox, sent to me clearly at times I'm not online or near a computer!

There are a few individuals, who from time to time, do individually address me issues that need attention. You know who you are, and this isn't aimed at you.

I won't end this message with 'thank you' either. This is a reminder.
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne


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