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  Webslave Site Admin

Location: Altona, Melbourne
New announcement for the test forum:

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  Johnmc Moderator

Location: Cloncurry, Queensland's like that Red Dwarf "Backwards" episode, isn't it?  When we decipher this, it'll say something like "Get a life, you sad git" or similar, won't it?

... I'll call you when i decipher it...

Location: Somewhere your not.
its got something to do with peace, a filing cabinet, and letterboxes Laughing
  Johnmc Moderator

Location: Cloncurry, Queensland
It's written in reverse (looks like i was close to the mark with the Red Dwarf reference):

Message removed by Webslave, for the enjoyment of others.

Edit:  Spoilsport... I slaved over a hot keboard for *ages* to get that.... Crying or Very sad

...i wonder what i'd get for strangling a site admin to death with a USB cable?...

...and I'm hoping this post is exempt from that ruling....
  ARG706 Chief Commissioner

Location: SA
Any announcements in regards to the locked threads?

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