Traralgon Miniature Railway

  cfclael57 Chief Commissioner

Location: The signalbox
Hi all
Today I was on the Sale train and passed a miniature railway in Traralgon. Does anyone know when they run? What they run? The gauge looks to be roughly 5 to 7 1/4 inch, but I can't say for sure. Also at the site were several railway signals (real) and a relocated Traralgon signal box.


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  Wilco Junior Train Controller

7 1/4", 5" and 3 1/2" gauges, a couple of loops and sidings.

Gippsland Model Engineering Society Inc.
TRARALGON, Newman Park, Peterkin Street
4th Sunday of the month = running day

  SR&RL No18 Station Staff

Location: Latrobe Valley
Hi Ken,
          I'm a memeber of the Club and yes we do run on the 4th Sunday of each month. You would be very welcome to any of our run days, make sure you come and introduce yourself and we'll show you around.

Our Web page , provides a little information. We have a number of Loco's the majority would be steam and lot of them are based on narrow gauge railways from the United States. My own Loco is a model of an Ameracan Sandy River and Rangley Lakes Engine.

We also have a number of Petrol Hydraulic Trains as well, our club Loco being one.

Hope to see you one day

  350M-1196T-691M Chief Commissioner

Location: Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne
Being a memeber of Box Hill, I unfortunately missed out on the club trip.  It sounds like an interesting place to visit, I might come up one day.

BTW, I'll get back to you on the Box Hill all commers day when I find my mag  Razz

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