DVR Annual Corroboree

  d1565 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth
Hi all,

Here's a querie for David, though others may be able to help...

What is the exact dates for the Coroboree this year???

I know it's in October but i need something more specific than that so i can plan a trip over from Perth.

I spoke to Tim Haldane this afternoon (he's in perth on Business) and he wasn't to sure...

Craig Belcher
Castledare Miniature Railway

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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
To be honest we haven't thought about it yet. Just looked at a calander,

and this is very unreliable thinking, that it may be the 23/24th October.

I may be able to find out and have our committee decide on a date next friday.

Hope that helps.

To other don't forget the night run on the Sunday 7th March, public running 11am until midnight !

David Head

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