G516 Chief Commissioner

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Great reskins Maybenever. Rock 'N Roll!

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  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Apologies to all for the pics being unavailable in my original post, when we changed servers I forgot to re-upload them. All sorted now Smile
  L254 Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
maybenever, are you going to release the 3801ltd 49s.
  maybenever Deputy Commissioner

maybenever, are you going to release the 3801ltd 49s.


Probably.  I sent Gavin (the model maker) an email last week to see if he was happy for me to release them, so I'll wait for him to reply.

They skins aren't quite finished yet.  I haven't put the 3801 Ltd decals on the sides (not sure if I'd need to get permission to use those?  Any ideas??).  

I'll post in General MSTS forum if/when released.

  The Met Chief Commissioner

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I must say i have just downloaded it and have reskined a tram [into Connex] anyway after a few spots of trouble that ive tweaked out this is really really great.

Must say thanks...
  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
Good to hear things worked out. As you now know, re-skinning is very simple.  Smile
  The Met Chief Commissioner

Location: 37.55-S /145.01-E
Minor problem, I know the model works [tried it out on S Viewer]

Now everything is original except for me reskinning the model and renaming the [Name] in the.ENG to something else, I open up Consist editor and it doesn't show the reskined model.

How can i get it up into a consist/editor...
  S 301 Chief Commissioner

Location: in front of the computer
You will need to rename the lines in the files as shown on page 1 of this thread.
You also need to rename the *.s, *.sd and .eng files.
  cammo2005 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia.
It's great to have this tutorial. It all clicked when I saw this, as I have also reskinned trains for SimCity 4 (yes, you can do that!) Different programs, similar process.

I've primarily been converting the CityRail trains available to the new hi-vis scheme.
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Good to hear it was of use to you Smile
  mischa1991 Locomotive Driver

I was just looking though all the forums when I was reading this one I thought, ill give it a go. I managed to reskin the 82 class to make 8223 it looks really good. First time I ever reskined, infact first time i modified anything to do with MSTS, that was successful.

Thanks Very Happy
  8153 Chief Train Controller

I opened the image up in paint but when i have finished reskining i go to tga tool 2 and it wont open propaly it comes up as compressed
what do i do
  Melbournesparks Chief Commissioner

Location: City of Eltham
You might need to explain it a little more. So you've managed to open the .ace file, modified it using paint, but then can't export it with TGA tool?  

What exactly happens when you try?

What are you exporting the .ace as? (trans, alpha etc)

It sounds like it's only a simple problem, I just can't quite work out where it's going wrong.
  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
I don’t normally use TGATool2 tool this way but I followed Michael’s instructions on the first page of this thread to test and it worked for me.

I found I could mangle the exported ACE file if I resized the image in MS Paint. In MS Paint there are 8 boxes around the edges of the image. Do not move these boxes as they resize the image. Textures for MSTS must be square and 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512 or 1024x1024 pixels in size.

To recap the steps are:

1. Make a backup of the ACE file you are about to modify.
2. Open the ACE file with TGATool2
3. Use the following menus in TGATool2: Image->Send Main Image to Editor.
If you are using MS Paint as your image editor then MS Paint will automatically load and the ACE file you selected will now be converted to a BMP file. You can edit as desired using the MS Paint tools. Use File->Save if you wish to save your changes as you are progressing through the ‘painting’. You may be asked if you wish to save the file. Click on Yes.
4. When finished making the changes you desire use the following menus in MS Paint: File->Exit.  You may be asked if you wish to save the file. Click on Yes.
5. TGATool2 will now popup with the image you have just edited.
6. In TGATool2 use the following menus: Export->Ace (No Alpha) if your texture has no Alpha channel, or Export->Ace (Alpha) or Export->Ace (-Trans) if your texture has an 8 bit or 1 bit Alpha channel respectively.  Here you get the option to change the name of the ACE file if you wish.
7. Test using ShapeViewer or MSTS.

As Melbournesparks has advised please provide as much information as possible as it makes it a lot easier to assist you.
  8153 Chief Train Controller

thankyou that list has helped me it is all sorted now

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