Bogie Nominations - ROFL of the Year

  Flagstaff Red Afro

Location: Eaglemont, Hursty line, Melbourne.
Can I nominate B 67 for this;

The funny stuff is not exactly on Railpage, but exclusive to it like the ROFL posts were.

Edit: If not, I just PMSL over this post;

reminds me of a Railpage Australia™ meet!

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  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Standard_gauge for this one:

  Johnmc Moderator

Location: Cloncurry, Queensland
409, mjja and nickeax for "The Official Themesong for Railpage Australia"
  hurstville1 Chief Commissioner

Location: Uniform Papa - Yankee Oscar - Alpha Sierra Sierra
I also nominate the Railpage Australia themesong!
  E1109 Minister for Railways

Location: Bright sunny Darwin
I nominate 4BJs Redhen marker light effort:

"Late one night in 1986 I changed one of the rear marker lights on a Redhen from red to yellow. I got it wrong. I should have changed it to purple."
  WWOTBAG Junior Train Controller

Location: Murchison
We would like to nominate wongm for

Geelong Line Experiments

The best ROFL we've had in ages.

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Nominations Closed. Any further nominations go to 2008
  Sonofagunzel Chief Commissioner

I nominate the series of posts that ended in this post:

However, TheLoadedDog™'s statements are no way near a fib either, but that's another story altogether  Evil or Very Mad

Actually, I happen to know what Maikha has been up to  (you guys really need to do your homework).

I've spoken to the owner of the goat, the arresting officer, and the bloke who runs the sporting goods store where Maikha bought the equipment.  It's not pretty.   8)

'nuff said. Mr. Green

BWAHAHAHA!1  I accuse Maikha of worrying sundry farm animals, and I get a KIWI for a witness.

My case is rock solid now, boah!  Mr. Green
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
ROFL Post of the Month - September:
New game, Whack-a-Troll, brought to you by Loki and Philbert.
and the next post,
  mjja Sir Nigel Gresley

Location: Mount Waverley, Melbourne
Gwiwer for this contribution to the Blame Shacks thread:

  vlocity160 V/Gunzel

Hehe. That is a good one, I shall second that. By the way where is Shacks of late? Confused
  Gwiwer Rt Hon Gentleman and Ghost of Oliver Bulleid

Location: Loitering in darkest Somewhere

where is Shacks of late?

Understood to be serving Queen and Country in a very hot sandy place near to somewhere called Q8.

And like it or not our Armed Forces do still serve HM the Queen.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
ROFL of the Month - October

Jointly Awarded to Aaron for his definition of BANANAS...

and Gwiwer, for his graphics effort here ...  (see mjja's nomination above)
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
ROFL of the Month - November

Nomination to only15

The uses for bluetac thread, with obly15's screamer post about using blue tac as a coupler for wagons
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
ROFL of the Month - December
Oldfart, for his remedy for wheelslip, replacing sand equipment with hair dryers aimed at the wheel and the track:
  Sonofagunzel Chief Commissioner

I nominate this one, from the Heath Ledger thread:
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
ROFL of the Month - January

Tonymercury, for crying in his beer, in despair, when 3foot6 and petey3801 posted they went into KFC in Amsterdam
  Sonofagunzel Chief Commissioner
  Bwana Chief Commissioner

I'd like to nominate This post, more specifically the following picture and caption:

Pinch Men sign at Picton
  Raichase Captain Rant!

Location: Sydney, NSW
I'll second H1's funny photo and comment, but I'd also like to offer up Grantham for this story:

In the wee small hours of the morning, stopped in Waterfall down refuge (at a red signal), on long hours, waiting for our relief and knowing we were going no further, having a snooze (I mean "managing my fatigue")...I can feel and hear the gentle rocking and rumbling of the loco. I just open my eyelids, and see the red stick...yell F***! and throw the brake handle into emergency...then realise we were intentionally stationary and had been for some time... Embarassed

My mate laughed and went back to...managing his fatigue! Wink


From this thread:
  trolleybusracer Deputy Commissioner

Location: St Albans Sydenham Watergardens Line

Nominate this one
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton

Noted outside the school gate.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton

Casual nominations are accepted until the Bogies are formally opened in September.  Me too! posts are kinda frowned upon here, and that is all laid out for you in the guidelines:

  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Jatzcrackers for his version of VR Searchlight signals found in this thread:


Location: Somewhere your not.

I'm reporting your post. Please don't resort to personal attacks.

Jeez I'm shaking in my boots....BOTH of them, are you trying to say I don't have a leg to stand on???
I Nominate Madmac01 for this subtle yet hilarious post.

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