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[quote="dthead"]there is some stuff out there. WD models used to make some wagons in HOn3 Black Diamond do offer a Tassie repaint.

I have a kit of a guards van somewhere.......

As the other Davi ...

K&M mechs were manufactured to suit 12mm from new, but are not suitable to be narrowed any further.

zinc concentrate looks like the black sand that you see at the sand mining operations at the beach, it is abrasive  and the dust from it gets over just about everything at the flotation plant. Its tex ...

PGC? Absolutely good paint, well priced too, considering its a 50ml bottle, and it will need thinning, so you get plenty to practice with first.

The other car and wagon colours in the range are also ...

thers nothing wrong with a far north brass dh with a hollywood mech under it

Posted 24 Dec 2011 23:38 in Tasmania by 1555

Pineapple ?   ...Banana.



Egg and Lettuce.


Very nice, here is another engine that does run on fuel.

Again, a credit to the builder. Wouldnt mind one on the mower !

The last I heard K&M wheels were still available from Bob Richardson. I dont have a current contact number but I am sure someone here will have his email adress.

Posted 24 Nov 2011 23:09 in Queensland by 1555

Hands up everyone who didnt see the 1620 and SX set go through South Brisbane Station at 7:09PM tonight! Sounded nice too !

Yes all very well Raymond, I'm sure every one knows what a traverser looks like, but if there was one, wouldnt it be a single track traverser?

As if it were two tracks, when in operation, one of t ...

Are we sure that there was a traverser here ? maybe not,

Could the arches have been part of the old original platform design, as this platform is much older ,and of totally different construction, a ...

Dick Smith at Springwood (Qld)  is aparrently one of the places  a lot of the electronic stuff went to, as well. or you can always try RS Components,

their catalogue has nearly 30 ...

When Keith Trueman built "Broadford" he used two different codes of rail to represent the standard and broad gauge, which, whilst it was all 16.5mm gauge, and HO Scale, gave the illusion of being two  ...

Oh my giddy aunt, that is just so sad  Sad

TACKARAMA  ExclamationExclamation

Posted 11 Feb 2011 11:16 in Queensland by 1555

'm finding that the new scheme is A) growing on me and B) very hard to get the colour correct in photography. I've seen some photos where the yellow is very similar to a faded yellow of the Bronco sch ...

Posted 13 Jan 2011 15:17 in Queensland by 1555

Water up to Central.


Not possible unless you add another 6 or 7 metres of water to the entire flood.

Posted 11 Nov 2010 22:10 in Queensland by 1555

dont think the parts fabrication issue is the issue, as parts for all locos are fabricated somehwere, but its a different issue to fabricate new motors.

Posted 11 Nov 2010 20:17 in Queensland by 1555

well, no, its not a rumour,

yes they are going to Chile,

and pics of the move are not going to be easy to get cos they are probably all at the port now, so unless you can get onto the wharf, or the ...

Posted 11 Nov 2010 20:12 in Queensland by 1555

whats so special about post 1995 ?

I stand corrected on the "manilla" bit ! thinking one thing and typing something else.

Actually, yes I had forgotten about the ones without the blue stripe.

dont know why they were done this way at ...

well,, in the intereststs of keeping history correct,

buff is the yellow line. Buff by name, buff by colour. same as a buff manilla envelope.

Posted 08 Sep 2010 14:37 in Model Railways - General Discussions by 1555

nice one, but think of the possibilities, equip it with a miniauture camera and transmitter, and you could get helicopter shots of your layout as the trains go round ! seen it done with R/C aircraft.

Appleby got it right, but I cant tell you when, but yes, at some stage,  the QLX was changed from the darker to lighter (washedout) grey,  but not to be confused with the colour scheme applied to the  ...

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