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Chopper sets use a combination of regen and rheo braking.  Depending on what the demand is in the overhead.  It's only after the X-Trap's came out they just had the regen, until someone modified the c ...

I've tried it once, but about 4.5 hours into it I remembered I had to be somewhere, so that was that!.....

Got the 0425 from Belgrave, ended up at Glen Waverly at approx 0930.

Rosanna substation put on an electrical fireworks display tonight everytime a train powered out of Rosanna station.

The fault was on one of the  22kv  knife switch's in the switchyard.

Unfortunatly  ...

Posted 11 Apr 2005 22:18 in Melbourne suburban by 350M-1196T-691M

There also use to be a service from Camberwell to Ringwood leaving Camberwell at 1115, 1215, 1315 and IIRC 1415.  It ran express from Camberwell - Box Hill - Blackburn - Mitcham - Ringwood.  I use to  ...

Posted 07 Jul 2004 11:19 in Melbourne suburban by 350M-1196T-691M

Hey, we almost got him with it!

Not to mention the pars suspended by green twine...Hey, they were suspended according to safety standards....  Wink

i thought the D2 couldnt run on 75?Where did anyone say they were on the 75?

Posted 30 Jun 2004 15:52 in Melbourne suburban by 350M-1196T-691M

I was once on a tram that got to 92km/h going down Riversdale Rd towards Wattle Park........ A date has been announced for the Vermont Extension.  May 2004.... Thats not that long really.

How rough ...

Seen 262 on Friday, running Route 112 freshly painted262 seen on Wattle Park this morning.

Also noted that YT have put a large fleet number on one windscreen.IIRC, it's for the speed/red light cameras.  Like a rego plate on a car.

I know that I have done wrong and will have to pay for itLook, ok, I admit, I'm sorry for MY actions, I can't say on anyone else's behalf, but I personally am sorry and wish to but it behind me.  Ther ...

I gather by this forum, people are asking, or even demanding I leave the forum.  So be it then.  I know that I have done wrong and will have to pay for it, BUT, if you are stupid enough to believe the ...

Posted 16 Jun 2004 11:55 in Victoria by 350M-1196T-691M

Chris, I have made a Camberwell table card for vicsig


 TABLE  36        CAMBERWELL     Side A   TABLE  3 ...

Posted 14 Jun 2004 23:10 in Melbourne suburban by 350M-1196T-691M

Well, they COULD install air ride suspension, but it's the cost and time that it would take to do it would over-ride the passengers 'wants'.

From my information, the combined 16 will NOT go ahead AT ALL.

Also, I don't think YT is going to re-install the curve at Camberwell Junction, they just spent alot of money re-doing the junction.  The curve would be needed for the 72 at Camberwell, also, if they  ...

Posted 13 Jun 2004 12:03 in Trams and Light Rail by 350M-1196T-691M

Would have been R10, 2020 was suffering from brake problems all last week.

Also, 2013 broke down 3 times in a week.

       2018 broke down once

       238 (Now at Kew) broke down

       2011  ...

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Posted 07 Jun 2004 12:24 in Melbourne suburban by 350M-1196T-691M

There is a test foot pilot fitted to 872M, waiting for drivers aproval.

Posted 04 Jun 2004 16:32 in MSTS General Discussions by 350M-1196T-691M

You are welcome to borrow mine for a while as my MSTS box has died and I am unable to use it at the moment.


Serious!  I would love to try one at least once.  I'll PM you for more info.


Posted 03 Jun 2004 14:49 in MSTS General Discussions by 350M-1196T-691M

Has anyone tried the 'controller' for trainsim?  If so, what's it like?

Posted 03 Jun 2004 14:16 in Railpage Australia™ by 350M-1196T-691M

Haha, beat it!

Wow... so clever arn't you...

185 being done as I type.

Prior to painting, that tram needed a damn good wash! It had carbon all over the body at one end.

I think this is about the final Z-Class in M> livery to be painted :cr ...

From my experiance AI always try to buy the best trains availible when building a new line. That means that if a new company starts in 2050 they will try to build a maglev line with lev4s. But the lev ...

185 being done as I type.

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