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Posted 24 Mar 2007 13:22 in Trainz General Discussions by 43class

There's a good story in "Model Railroad Planning 2007" a special issue from Model Railroader, still in the newsagents till april 24 2007.Its a great read on page 28 titled"Test-running your model rail ...

Great  photo's

          Hope you don't mind but I've downloaded them and will use as a

          backdrop on my computer and screen saver

          thanks cfclael57



Gregrudd wrote

The one I mentioned at South Tweed was a petrol hydraulic (I think, from memory,) Greg. Whats Casino got live steam or both?and do you know where the venue is and what days they run? ...

Posted 31 Mar 2005 20:57 in Queensland by 43class

Any signs left that the line ever went to tweed heads? [/quote]


Yes, the old line still has a cutting from kirra to coolangatta that is used as a walk way today.

If you follow the ...

Posted 30 Mar 2005 18:31 in Queensland by 43class

Hey to you Rocket_Rodney.

BRAVO, your maps on the old gold coast line are exceptional.

BRAVO again well done mate.

A lot of hard work there. good on you.



will be sending ...

Hey to you Greg.

Had a friend who collected brass bearing caps from bulldozer motors and when he had enough would smelt them down into castings then machine them for his wheels for his loco.

(are yo ...

Posted 23 Mar 2005 22:12 in Queensland by 43class


Appolagies for the previous post

having troubles with my computer, sent last sent while I was still draughting the base.

My smeg was to be for the comment made by TWINTURBO ...

Posted 23 Mar 2005 21:52 in Queensland by 43class

what the? thats not right! there will thousands more you idiot. it wont be the     las      inbund load to Fish. Is.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what drugs are you on? and can i have some?

Maybe 10-15 years ago I saw a miniature steam train working at sideshow at the Christmas fair Coolangatta Q.L.D.

Amongst the dodgem cars and fairy floss came this smell of a coal fired steamer.

This ...

Hey to you Shane.

Enjoyed the photo's of Grandchester Model Live Steam.

They are great but where is this place in South East Queensland?.

How do we find it  please?.

How far from the Gold Coas ...

Posted 19 Mar 2005 20:40 in Australian Miniature Railways by 43class

Thanks David.

As a relatively new member of Railpage Australia™ this morning was my first look at miniature rail, I find it a most interesting and quite addictive hobby, though never built one as such, have p ...

Thanks to Allan VRfan and TheBlacksmith.

yes DCC if its what I think it is maybe what I am looking for. Independent train control constant power to the track.

Allan I probably would use existing loc ...

Not having been active in model rail for many many (long time) years now I was contemplating  rebuilding my old set from scratch and setting it up totaly different from what it was all those years ago ...

Would any one know if there is any miniature rail operating in the Gold Coast - Tweed area. Live steam or battery powered or small petrol.

There was a miniature rail at Tweed Heads in Frazer drive,  ...

Posted 19 Mar 2005 07:16 in Queensland by 43class

Hey to you westerline

I thought the rock train was working till the end of March, must of finished earlier than anticipated.

Thanks for that was to get up to Bris later this month for some photo's.


Posted 17 Mar 2005 18:12 in Queensland by 43class

I read these posts with interest, as a local in the Coolangatta Tweed area, I carn't see the rail ever going into N.S.W.  Since there is no connection from Casino to Murwillumbah at the moment I carn' ...

Thanks deano.

I enjoyed that



Posted 11 Mar 2005 22:00 in Queensland by 43class

were the hell is ernest junction in queensland?

TWINTURBOSkyline    Sorry mate should of been more informative

Its in Queensland on the Gold Coast, found in the Brisbane - UBD - Gold Coast sect ...

Posted 11 Mar 2005 16:32 in Queensland by 43class

On the 20th feb 05 after a camping expedition in clagiraba I went to find the ernest junction tunnel.  After looking up and down ashmore road I found the most likely spot. With all my camping gear in  ...

Posted 08 Mar 2005 21:15 in Queensland by 43class

Last tuesday 1-3-05 a small article appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin (newspaper) about a steam train that has been on display in Tuesley's park Southport since 1971. It seems the local council need ...

Posted 06 Mar 2005 19:42 in Model Railways - General Discussions by 43class

When I was a kid growing up  my family had a small trucking company and among other things we carted small crops to the rail at Murwillumbah.

I loved the rail atmosphere and saw some steam and diesel ...

Posted 02 Mar 2005 16:09 in Queensland by 43class

To CSR Victoria Mill

Thank you for your thoughts on this. I had no idea what the directional arrows could of been for.  Makes sense to me, sounds like a good system if all the wagons are facing the r ...

To YM-Mundrabilla

Thank you for your info on this train I appreciate it.

Where in Acacia Ridge would be the spot to go to get some pic's of this train while stowed sunday.I live at Tweed Heads, do n ...

On the 16-02-05 I posted a thread in the Queensland forum requesting information on a tri of 81 class loco's working the port of Bris fishermans Is

These 3 81's are hauling rock to the extension of t ...

Posted 01 Mar 2005 14:44 in Queensland by 43class

I've noticed that the Queensland coal wagons unloading at the port of Bris

come in to the port and do a loop before entering the unloading bay, on the side of these wagons are direction of travel arr ...

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