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[quote=Sulla1]Freshly painted and rebuilt VGKM hoppers are apparently being trucked west through Mt Isa at the moment. Presumably coming from the rebuilds Wuluguru Rail Maintenance is doing in Townsvi ...

Posted 12 Jan 2022 00:03 in News by 8888

Sounds similar to what Roy Hill are meant to be doing as well.
Now Rio Tinto are joining the fray.

Posted 14 Dec 2021 18:18 in Western Australia by 8888

Thanks for the update Phil.

As part of the Aurizon deal in taking over the CBH Group rail contract, three surge fleets are to be provided to supplement the CBH owned fleet of 28 locos and 574 wagon ...

Posted 21 Sep 2021 20:49 in Operators by 8888

Who will now do the Sadliers work?

bingley hall
With Watco to trip the loading from SCT's Forrestfield terminal to Sadleirs at Kewdale.

Posted 12 Sep 2021 18:56 in Operators by 8888

[quote=Jack Le Lievre][quote][quote]No doubt you've all taken notice of the latest ARTC MTP with all it's new SCT services (including daily paths between Melb/Adelaide). Melbourne in particular has do ...

Posted 12 Sep 2021 00:34 in Operators by 8888

[quote=Poath Junction]No doubt you've all taken notice of the latest ARTC MTP with all it's new SCT services (including daily paths between Melb/Adelaide). Melbourne in particular has done well with n ...

Posted 27 Apr 2021 15:18 in Western Australia by 8888

[quote=Toad Montgomery]While on a kerosene chicken flying into Perth airport yesterday arvo and landing on #24 runway an FMG locomotive was noticed out of the window.

The first identifiable building ...

The only regular revenue traffic on the MR now is grain.

It will enable track speeds to increase, giving better turn around times.

Posted 12 Apr 2021 20:28 in Western Australia by 8888

Matt, I recall that the State Government committed around $20 million for upgrading CBH loading sites at Brookton, Broomehill, Cranbrook and Moora.  This is what funding may cover.


Posted 07 Feb 2021 23:50 in News by 8888

Rail operations through the Avon Valley recommenced on the morning of 7 February.


What trains for intermodal do Aurizon run in WA?


Aurizon runs a container service between Kwinana and North Quay.

So three operators to Fremantle Port now withe Watco running several times each day. Good to see

Watco, PN and who is the 3rd please?

Posted 08 Jun 2020 20:43 in Western Australia by 8888

[quote=Toad Montgomery]BHP has another eight SD70ACe/LCi units currently being built by Progress Rail at Muncie.

Numbered 4492 - 4499.

Delivery is probably August / Sept.

They are in an all orange ...

[quote=GS4][quote]The 7 DFZ class locos in WA, converted from 2300 class, all had DPU equipment fitted. While it was trialed, this feature was never used in revenue service.[/quote]Thats interesting ...

[quote=GS4][quote][quote]I believe the 2700s have DP fitted.[/quote]Although Aurizon are converting their coal wagons to ECP I don't think they have run a train with ECP yet.

But they continue to ope ...

Posted 10 Jan 2020 00:06 in Western Australia by 8888

[quote=ben0]Due to the bushfires, the Eyre Highway has been closed for over a week now and looks like it will be for some time yet.

[url= ...

NR80 and 59.

Wabtec is to close its Boise Idaho manufacturing facility where the CBH and CM locos were produced, and move operations to the former GE facility at Erie.

Interesting as it was built there!

[quote=bevans]Qube cementing their position in the WA marketplace and the pport of Fremantle with the intermodal.

Coming from the east coast does intermodal handle containers on bioth gauges in WA ...


I am interested in some local information on the old Collie to Mine #2 line and the current status of the line from local knowledge please. The reason is that I will look at updat ...

[quote=Mouse]Have noticed some unusual weekday B set workings of late e.g. there's been one on the Freo/Midland line today (including peak time expresses) and on the Armadale and Thornlie lines a coup ...

[quote=MitchellN20]Many thanks Simon Smile
Are those other two trains also SCT or are they PN? I wasn’t there at Midland that early, only from about 5:00 to 8:20. 6SP5 may have been the one I saw h ...

[quote=MitchellN20]Hey again all,

Have the times for scheduled departures of freight trains from Perth changed recently? I've been heading out to Midland the last several weeks on Sunday evenings h ...

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