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Is the laser cutting necessary, you could have the bench timbers cut on a CNC router, although i would think either option is a bit over the top.


FOR SALE; HO scale chain link fence, new in original packet. Made in the U.S by Micro Structures, by Miller Engineering.

10 feet high x 132 scale feet long. Etched nickel  silver.  Micro structures  ...

I have FOR SALE, two of, Bowser 40' steel side box car kits. These are in plastic bags, one is still sealed, one was opened for inspection. The sides and roof are brass  pressings , the floor is white ...

FOR SALE,  THE COACH YARD HO scale brass, Union Pacific, City Of Los Angeles Domeliner, 10 car set. Train 103 westbound.

Factory painted, original box's and packing. Purchased new, 2008 run, built by ...

PSM didn't do an S class steam. The original BGM company did ready to run S class in brass by Samhongsa, occasionally seen for sale on second hand market. Also the Steam Era Models version sometimes s ...

FOR SALE, Overland Models, HO brass Union Pacific, SW10, OMI# 5413.1. Factory paint, lettered, lights, DC control,  original box, excellent condition. $450 +post. For further details PM or phone Glenn ...


Broadway-Limited, Brass Hybrid steam loco, BLI #1295, Union Pacific 2-10-2, Oil fired, road #5507, DCC/Sound, test run only, original box, $400.  Also have coal fired version, road# 5053, $ ...

FOR SALE, OVERLAND MODELS HO scale brass sand tower, OMI# 3071, very good condition, unused, original box. $400.

For any other information PM or phn 0437 724 550.


Central Valley Model Works, USA Manufacturer.

Posted 09 Sep 2014 08:02 in Model Railways - General Discussions by 996

Waste of time trying to sand timber square. A drop saw is the easiest way to cut timber square. There are a few fairly cheap units on ebay, a couple of new Metabo,  mid $200. These are not top quality ...

FOR SALE. 3 hand made turnouts. Peco code 75 rail soldered to pc board. Same radius as Peco medium point.

2 RH, 1 LH. For pics please PM your email and i will send. $26, inc standard mail.


FOR SALE. Austrains VR PL cars, set 002. $365, including insured post within Victoria. Pickup may be able to be arranged in Melbourne, Pickup price $345. PM or phone Glenn, 0437 724 550.


FOR SALE. PSM K class, k187, Box Poc, original box, test run only.

PM or phone 0437 724 550.


John, its a term familiar to many consultants and others giving opinions LOL

Antons Trains make in Australia, excellent transformers, designed for DCC, ready to go. I have used a  ...

FOR SALE. Footplate Models DJH, NSWGR, AD60 Garrett. I purchased this model with a couple of other partially built Footplate kits. This AD60 is 95% built, Boiler/ Cab unit pretty much complete, engine ...

FOR SALE, Overland Models HO Brass. Union Pacific Green River Sleeper, OMI # 3422.1, Factory paint, Never run, Original Box and packing. Highly detailed model by Ajin Precision. $380.00.

Union Pacifi ...

SOLD.   FOR SALE, BRM First Series Flat Top T Class, #332.  Unused. $300, plus $20 registered post within Victoria.

PM or phone 0437 724 550 for any other information.


FOR SALE. Micro Engineering, code 70 rail, non weathered. New in plastic pack, 33, one yard piece's.$45.00 plus post. Will  calculate shipping for anyone interested. Will pack in a small timber cra ...

FOR SALE. I have two Lloyds model railways, Shell 5000 gallon bogie tank kits. Unopened in original packs.

$47.00 for both kits including standard post. Plus $3.00 for registered



 3 of  DZ123. suitable for N or HO. 1 amp decoder. new in unpened packets. $40 including standard mail. plus $3 for registered.SOLD.

1 of, DH165AO mobile decoder,  ...

FOR SALE.  Kadee #58s. 16  two pair packs, new unopened packets. $53.00 including standard mail. Registered plus $3.00.PM or phone 0437 724 550 or 03 56724558.     SOLD.Glenn.

FOR SALE. Fiddleyard Models Victorian Railways, X class diesel kit, 2nd series version.Brass and whitemetal kit with fiddleyard mech, complete in original box.$165.00 including regestered post.PM, o ...

For sale Kadee #58 couplers. 9 packs, new unopened, Kadee #58's with draft gear box's.$28.00 posted, regular mail. PM or phone 0437 724 550.Glenn.                           ...

Mcbees Brass Derm, painted, weathered. Also derm trailer built from Resin kit.  $1150.00 ono for both. PSM E car, ABE mint never run $700.00.

PM for any other information.

Posted 13 Dec 2010 19:00 in Model Railways - General Discussions by 996


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