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Posted 09 Sep 2016 14:06 in South Australia by ANDL36Y

Well, I have a friend who lives in Kapunda and drives to, then catches the train from, Gawler for his daily commute.... so that's one person who will benefit from any rail extension/reinstatement to t ...


Is there a source for Commonwealth Bogies suitable for the Pacific National BRS crew cars, please? My knowledge of bogies is poor, I'm afraid.




Rapid ...

Whether I identify myself on here or not has no bearing on whether my comments should be noted, respected, or duly disregarded if that's your prerogative.

The model will be basic at best and compar ...

Trainbuilder are doing the K cars. That would be why OER aren't doing them.


[quote=Roachie][quote]I'm annoyed the stanchions will not me modeled upright. Also, rivet details appears to be lacking on the sample.[/quote]Mate, you have a perfect right to be annoyed and to NOT bu ...

I'm annoyed the stanchions will not me modeled upright. Also, rivet details appears to be lacking on the sample.

Great tutorial Luke, thanks for sharing! Smile


This thread determined its own ironic nature... by itself!

I have to go now, my planet needs me......................................................................................................

Clearly the lead loco rolls on its side as it leaves the frame (left of picture) and more than a few wagons followed.

What a mess. I really get angry at these scenes because it's caused by pure laz ...

Not sure if it has already been mentioned in the thread or how long they have been available, there are new packs of the sold out versions FQX wagons available on the web site.


Who's got what?

Photos please?

Cheers Smile

Posted 28 Jul 2014 13:38 in South Australia by ANDL36Y

[quote=Guard Class 2]Yes, I did read your post.

Maybe a little bit more information would be of a general assistance to the uninitiated.

Who is "Ian"?

Where is he located?

Is email the only form o ...

Posted 27 Jul 2014 15:58 in South Australia by ANDL36Y

David, Guard... et al, don't mean to be rude but did anyone read my post?!?!?

Ian is the contact for these plans now. The information I supplied is current and correct.


Posted 22 Jul 2014 15:56 in South Australia by ANDL36Y

Inprotrans is not the contact for this information anymore.

You need to contact Ian Sutherland @

I hope this helps.

Cheers Smile

[quote=Pressman]With the Mad Monk recently announcing that the Federal Gov will contribute funding to both the [b]"Torrens Road to Torrens River"[/b] and the [b]Darlington Up Grade"[/b] South Road pro ...

[quote=Poath Junction][img][/img]

Courtesy Auscision facebook page[ ...

Rest assured, there are plenty of us out there who want an Rx or three as we either a) missed out on the kits b) had no inclination to build one c) are not master modellers.

They will sell well. I  ...

Posted 10 Apr 2014 17:57 in South Australia by ANDL36Y

It's keeping a few employed where I work too, and the 'not Nigerians' we are dealing with are based in an eastern australian state.

In Adelaide you only have to travel down  ...

Posted 10 Apr 2014 13:00 in South Australia by ANDL36Y

[quote=bingley hall]Good conspiracy theory re Murdoch, but company put out a press release on 7/4/2014 which has been picked up mining journals and local newspapers. But I would concur it is just anot ...

Posted 02 Apr 2014 13:46 in The Lounge by ANDL36Y

Sure losing is disappointing but IT'S ONLY SPORT for crying out loud.

Sport is arguably the least 'necessary' part of our lives. So what happens to these 'babied' children when 'real' disappoint ...

[quote=mattc66]ANDY36Y, while the Jumbo is progressing well there is still a lot to do. Now that I have managed to get past the biggest hurdle (the drivers cab) I am confident it will become another r ...

Hi mattc66,

Excellent work...

So, when is the resin(?) kit going to be available at End of the Line? Smile

Are there any photos of these things? People seem to have them but I've seen obscured images of a FA G being dismantled on another forum.

Foaming at the bit here...


Hijacking the thread slightly, does anybody have any pics of the pre-production sample(s)?




Google is your friend.... Smile ...

[quote=SAR523]Quick update - using some combination of Kadee 209 and 208 washers (0.25mm and 0.5mm respectively) I could correct the coupler height with the original couplers and tighten the bogie scr ...

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