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To comtrain / rod young

You do have a massive conflict of interest on the Shrike models mess being a PR manager then didn't like Ixion models being involved then falling in love with Ixion models  ...

[quote=apw5910][quote]And for all of the Shrike customers if you get to together as a group and get one lawyer and say he cost $ 10,000 to get your money back and the cost is split between 100 to 150 ...

To Comtrain / Rod young

I think you have a conflict of interest when it comes to Shrike models / Geoff Hope

1 . Geoff is / was a friend

2 . You where the PR manager for Shrike models on Rai ...

What a mess this is for the hobby .

Shrike customers for both projects ( Rx class & 30T ) are out of pocket and now have No models .

Ixion models confirmed back in march that they would not w ...

The centenary cars have turned up .


For anyone looking for billboard  M vans the NRM have at least 7 versions left .

I would contact End of the line hobbies .

I remember hearing not long ago that you could buy the SAR steel class bogies through them .

There was som ...

I went for a train ride this week

Seaford line girl voice ,

Gawler line male voice .

Roachie you are the perfect grumpy old fart .

It is very clear that Roachie has added the DRIBBLE phase to his grumpy old fart problem .

He seems to think that Railpage ...

Posted 08 Apr 2016 20:08 in South Australia by BIG-BEAR

After looking at some photo's close up from Xmas time there seems to be no bracket on the front of the loco to place it in . But 621 still carries the X on the tender ...

Train builder is a pit pricey for most of us .

Perhaps Orient Express know that some other RTR company have the steel cars  in the works  .

About 12 months ago I heard that the boys behind the S ...

Posted 08 Apr 2016 14:16 in South Australia by BIG-BEAR

Roachie you are the perfect grumpy old fart .

[quote="Roachie"][quote=ANDL36Y]I'm annoyed the stanchions will not me modeled upright. Also, rivet details appears to be lacking on the sample.[/quote]Mate, you have a perfect right to be annoyed and ...

[quote="steam4ian"]I was wondering why the chose the name "Shane", IMHO Bruce would have been more appropriate.

John Draper has just posted on FB a great cartoon showing 520 and Thomas buddying up ...

On Pichi Richi Railway face book page .

The Coffee pot had a test run on the Easter weekend .

And is going to be used on the heritage weekend 23rd  ...

Does anyone do cast wool bale or wheat bag loads for these? BGB did once........

Wool bale load link below ...

[quote="MaskedRailfan"]The cream certainly looks a bit too yellow to my eye too. Perhaps it's just the photos. Lovely models though & will certainly find a home in my collection for two or three..[/qu ...

Some painted samples on their website of the centenary cars

[quote="Poath Junction"][quote="FirstStopCentral"]On a more serious note, has anyone had contact with Shrike or followed things through further with the relevant authorities (Fair Trading, etc) on wha ...

looking at their face book page

The model will be released without the uprights provided like the photo on their face book page

Which in my book is a half of a model

The last 3 billboard vans are in stock now .

Not up on their website as yet .

A painted sample of the Glenelg centenary car was on display in the shop window which looks good .

I was told th ...

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