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Posted 26 Feb 2019 20:11 in The Lounge by Bethungra

I was truly disgusted when I read what he did to those two alter boys at St Patricks in 1996.

It is not just about the money but about making rail competitive with all that is required. Making someone take the train over driving is more than just speed and timetable, it also includes services  ...

I hope she can make waves in the government for better freight into and out of the area.

Posted 11 Feb 2019 16:11 in Queensland by Bethungra

PN's 8317 is the drowned mid-train 83 class on the derailed Glencroe service. On its side in six or seven feet of water for several days.

Could still be weeks before the line is ...

Their revenue declining and volumes are falling and the intermodal business outcome has not been to their liking so all is not great at Aurizon under the current management who have managed to take a  ...

How could it be cheaper to take loads by truck and not large 40 wagon+ trains on the network?

Makes no sense at all and the road costs would be much higher when you take damage into consideration.


Faulty container/wagon or poorly balanced load?

Curtain not secured?

[url=/news/s/great-belt-bridge-rail-accident-caused-by-collision-with-objects-from-freight-train]Great Belt Bridge rail acciden ...

Can Rio realistically expect to save money and get a return on the massive amount of money they have invested in this project?

These days everyone seems to be jumping on the gofundme bandwagon.

Kind of makes sense.

Posted 31 Dec 2018 19:34 in News by Bethungra

Many would already say the population of Canberra and link to Sydney could support a high speed service.   As for Canberra to Melbourne I think personally it is due now as it will benefit greatly the  ...

Here's hoping the SRHC will raise the cash required to bring this locomotive back into service.  

Where is the loco stored at the present time as I seem to recall it was being used on the VGR at o ...

More teething problems on the line but services recovered in the Afternoon.

[url=/news/s/power-failure-hits-hong-kong-s-highspeed-rail-services-to-shenzhen]Power failure hits Hong Kong’s high-speed ...

You can't find any posts in groups easily on Facebook no th platform of choice unless you are posting about your dinner or a selfie.

[quote=rogerfarnworth]On a number of occasions, my wife and I have travelled on the line between Nice and Digne. our first trip was, I think, in 2001. I have still to find the photos. Uploading a lot ...

Posted 23 Dec 2018 06:29 in News by Bethungra

Why is there a capital access charge on rail and not road for operators?

How can moving away from Loco hauled reduce costs when higher costs are already happening for DMY fuel usage?

Geelong Lin ...

Posted 22 Dec 2018 15:45 in News by Bethungra

Might we see something like what has been built in Hong Kong for the high speed service to and from China?

Hopefully we will now see the building maintained and protected from developers.

[url=/news/s/echuca-loco-shed-finally-finds-a-home]Echuca Loco shed finally finds a ‘home’

Any ideas as to the cause?

[url=/news/s/smoke-enters-train-carriage-during-morning-peak-at-parramatta]Smoke enters train carriage during morning peak at Parramatta

Posted 17 Dec 2018 22:18 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by Bethungra

What is the rail being used for upgrades in the western BG?

Posted 17 Dec 2018 22:16 in Victoria by Bethungra

How would a hardstand help with that requirement?

I am thinking there will be containers coming on and off the wagons at Benalla Yard.

Why does so much gas and propane go on rail in the USA and Europe if this is true?

What a creep and he was one of the MP's who lambasted Barnaby Joyce for his affair.  If you ask me they are all scum and Broad should resign as he has no credibility at all now.  Who would be likely t ...

1 hour delay of the fruity into Melbourne today anyone know why congestion again?

[quote=justarider]Perhaps IA smelt a stinking rat! $736M is ridiculous.

$56M per km to build a single extra track on an existing reservation, [u]without[/u] sparks.

Someone is having a laugh at ...

Posted 21 Sep 2018 17:42 in Tasmania by Bethungra

Any idea how far the train ran out of control?  From the article in the ABC site it seems like it ran for a while and from the other side of the city.

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