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heloo would any one have a set of the auscision v line n set red cars for sale please ??

Looking for number board and cab side decals for a Victorian C class diesel, HO scale. Needed to finish a project from many years ago.Bills Billboards 0431202884 Have them as a complete 10 loco set

Im slightly..........Underwhelmed at this model  Confused

Looking for at least 4, more if anyobne has any, Silvermaz RUB cars, for a cheap project. I know they are available from Casula, but at over $40 a kit for the time being I can't afford, looking for ma ...

For sale; L1 VR DERM 1952 - 1959 period, Spoked wheels, plateframe bogie, rod cowcatcher. Fitted with DCC, fiber optic marker lights (directional), headlights (directional), interior lighting, seated ...

I for one  would like to thank Paul and Annette for there help and kindness towards me and my family over the years. My Daughter grew up coming to the Buffer Stop to see Paul Annette and of course th ...

I did this just go to you tube and type in Make a static Grass applicator with an electric fly swatter, seeing as this tupid new Railpage won't allow me to paste the link here. I built one it cost $7  ...

G'day all

i've got a powerline BL class  BL28

and a powerline G class G523

$100 each posted

thank you


PM in your Inbox "bsafe"

I don't like it! It was fine the way it was, Just my two cents worth 


A job so I can keep doing the hobby! Rolling Eyes

WANTED 2X Austrains 442 class Pilots, Any help greatly appreciated.

[edit] This Mode also agrees : A wanted ad for an item goes in the wanted section, not as a seperate threade. Suggest you head to the link given below and post your wanted item - Dthead [/edit]

N ...

They are Athearn cars not Frateschi  Wink

Still after a Trainorama NVMF Indian Red Brake van if anyone is interested in selling 1  Wink

Sorry Guards van, fat fingers on a smart phone don't really go well.  Laughing

WANTED, 1 Trainorama Indian red NVMF Gurads van. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hmmm, Good luck nelson21, The biggest problem with Austrains is lack of spare parts. Confused

libertyRS, Use search this topic has been covered, and a remedy was found, I just can't remember when it was discussed. I would look myself for you, but she who must be obeyed wants me to take her sho ...

My Grandfather lived for many years in Clunes  He is still there, just down the road at the Clunes cemetery. I know the area and the locals well. They have reliably informed me that the Awning over th ...

Posted 27 Nov 2011 23:55 in The Lounge by Bigwato

Hmmmm, Ok so STB makes a point, Then slaps savy3801's art. Seriously what is wrong with some of you guys.  Rolling Eyes

Great shots man!

Try this shop in Geelong, They had some there in Early August, I bought 3 myself

K & L Model Railways

81 Ryrie Street, Geelong VIC 3220

(03) 5298 1895 ‎

Just read this, Very sad, Yet another huge loss

Interesting little blog post on the Trainorama BCW and what you can do to make it look a lot better. ...

I feel guilty not knowing, I didn't check my facebook.account until last night!

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