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Yes David, that is correct. I received a bank cheque from Hope, which upon presentation at my bank, was honoured.



Yes, I have, back in April.

Hello all,

I am looking to purchase an Austrain VR Z Van, one only. Has anyone got a spare from the twin pack that Austrain sells?


***************** got one, thanks Des

Hi all,

From Ozrails facebook page, "Staunchions will be supplied in box but not attached."

Thanks Dion,

I understand that both of these have been sold out. Can you let me know the details if indeed you go ahead with another service please.



Are there any more Coffee Pot excursions planned for this year?

Hi all,

The first auction at Playford Power Station at Port Augusta will occur over the 21st and 22nd June 2016 by MGS Auctioneers. The advertisement has appeared this week in one of our local pape ...

According to the local ABC, the power station at Pt Augusta commenced its shutdown of the Northern unit at 9.30am SA time and was disconnected from the grid at 9.40am


The solar/thermal power station you saw is on Sundrop Farms, a large scale private greenhouse enterprise, mainly growing tomatoes. I do not have the technical knowledge to explain the tower, ...


Try Ozrail for the M billboard van.

Went up to Quorn yesterday (23rd) for the Heritage Weekend and the running of the Coffee Pot on a shuttle service with customers between the railway station and PRR workshops. Many trips were made bac ...

Further info re the points off the main line, it looks like both set of points, onto and off the main ARTC line will be removed and continuous welded rail put in to reduce maintenance etc.

Also, mo ...

The above info from Bingley is correct. The coal train is going up to Leigh Creek as per above and on the return, it is overnighting at Emeroo about 15k north of Stirling North, and then coming in as  ...

I will try to find out.

Hi all, I have just checked with my contact in Port Augusta. The coal train will be heading south into the power station, completing its final journey (as such). It will be passing the end of Bowmans  ...

Yes, at this stage I am planning to go, I only live 80kms away.


Thanks for the corrections on the buildings current use. Its been a while since I lived there.


Further to my above comments, whilst the current railway station was being built, there was a temporary railway station and refreshment room, timber framed, timber cladding, built in Tassie Street to  ...

Hi all,

To answer some of the above questions. I was in Pt Augusta today and went to the library and retrieved the following from a Pt Augusta Council document entitled "Flinders Ranges Heritage  ...

I have just received a telephone call fro Alinta, with the man stating that the last coal train will be running in daylight hours on Wednesday 27th April. This train will be stopping at the Stirling N ...

Further to my posting on 26 March, I apologise for not being able to give any further info, Alinta are not playing ball with my request for this. Local contact says, as sar602 also says, the coal trai ...

The coal train is running 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. It gets into Port Augusta in the mornings. If you can wait until next week, I will be able to get the current timetable, as it is not the sam ...


See my PM.


Is there anyone in the Sydney area who knows Geoff Hope who can actually go and speak with him face to face, either at his home or at a hospital if he is a patient due to his reported "serious illness ...


Thanks for this info, confirms what Fred told me. I might ring him and suggest that he puts the basic era of the window colour schemes against the centenary car model details on his website, as ...

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