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Serious Darwin Award contenders – they rear-ended on the level crossing and got out to exchange details right there and then.
Probably will make good politicians in the ...

An interesting piece of "history"

its great, If you don't have a myki
Its not great if you are elderly and are trying to get on a tram in the free zone as they are usually chockers

Fish Creek

Fish Creek

[quote=potatoinmymouth]The Premier has got the media down to Newport today to declare the first train complete. No big red curtain like the VLo launch all those years ago, sadly, but certainly explain ...

Posted 16 Jul 2018 16:50 in The Lounge by Boss 2

Full marks to the rescue team. I'm sure Dr Harris' father would have been proud.
Me too

[quote=Engineeringlogic]Well you can see why people keep starting new threads on this topic......

So back to the intent of this thread.High speed train cardinia park, geelong, avalon ( link to lara ...

Seems like someone's confused Rocket Science with Brain Surgery - both are used with "it's not ..."  I'm glad whoever did the confusing isn't involved in either practice.
At le ...

[quote=RTT_Rules][quote][quote]Hello All,

for many members and supporters of PB , the revelations of the endemic cover up by many well respected and long serving office holders over decades within ...

Yes. Pakenham and Crimeburn trains will only have access to platforms 3 & 4 at Caulfield.

Cheers all.

Does seem a little short sighted to anyone?
Same as South Yarra ...

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