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Posted 26 Aug 2020 12:01 in Melbourne suburban by Braddo

[quote=bevans]I am not a railway specialist infrastructure guy but I have been involved in a lot of infrastructure deployment. The fibre cable is carrying communication services between locations. Th ...

Posted 26 Aug 2020 11:24 in Melbourne suburban by Braddo

[quote=bevans]The tray carries power and communications in most cases. If you are travelling on the train and you see blue cable where it is opened up that is FIBRE OPTICAL CABLE The darker cable is ...

Posted 26 Aug 2020 10:17 in Melbourne suburban by Braddo

I have a question about the metal cable tray type things besides most suburban rail alignments.

What purpose do they serve? Are they used for signalling?

But you know, you're probably smarter than them.

Evans Road grade separation will happen first by 2020.
True Believers
Yeah, do the road that's not even in use first. Brilliant idea.

Just got off a Comeng where the bearings in the motor alternator (?) were stuffed and emitting a high pitched ear piercing and head splitting scream.
Far too common, as i ...

This stupid report says Frankston North has poor public transport. It is VERY well served by buses (760, 832, 833, 901) and Kananook station is just across Frankston-Dandenong road.

The scores for ...

Posted 09 Jun 2019 08:24 in Melbourne suburban by Braddo

What is the fastest Metro section? From my observations it is between Dandenong - Lynbrook. Sometimes the train is absolutely flying through there, doing well over 100kmh. Some of the drivers really f ...

It's a long way from Clyde (North) to Cranny station. I doubt many would do it, you might as well just drive all the way to work.

Lynbrook station is by far the most heavily patronised station on t ...

Thanks for that fascinating post Gavin J. Would be very interested for you (or someone else) to do a similar post outlining the problems with Hitachis, Comengs and Siemens trains.

My biggest problem with an extension to Clyde is the simple fact that the Cranbourne line (even once works are finished) is unlikely to be able to handle the extra passengers.

In peak hour the trai ...

Agree that this basically duplicates the 901 bus service. The money would be much better spent on reducing bus travel times. Providing more bus-only lanes, for example.

Stupid idea. Who wants an annoying notification on their phone that they have to get rid of when they could simply look at the PID.

[quote=mejhammers1][url=/user/9433][b]@Braddo[/b]. The Riot squad was called. Arrested for disturbing the peace. Yes well done to the police but for some they would call the police if there were a doz ...

Come off it. The bloody riot squad was called. These people (for lack of a better word) should at the very least have been charged for disturbing the peace.

Great performance by Victoria Police for ...

"Zooming" along at 200kmh... Quite a few European (and Asian) countries would laugh at that speed.

Don't make me laugh. Australia never, ever does anything right. We somehow feel the need to make sure whatever we have is $hit compared to the rest of the world.

Struggling shopping strip? There's always plenty of people at Caulfield Plaza and the surrounding shops (7 Eleven, KFC, etc).

I wouldn't be surprised if Highpoint didn't want the station. Westfield opposed having a station at Southland for years.

Chadstone did have pretty good public transport when Hughesdale was operatio ...

Posted 24 Mar 2018 12:46 in Melbourne suburban by Braddo

Thanks for the information.

Posted 24 Mar 2018 10:20 in Melbourne suburban by Braddo

Dandenong  Station - Dandenong South. There's a lot of industry in Dandenong South, many thousands of people work there, yet the bus options are very limited resulting in most people walking several k ...

Posted 24 Mar 2018 10:12 in Melbourne suburban by Braddo

I had no idea PN hauled the GSR trains. Did GSR decide their own locomotives were too expensive to maintain?

I would say Yarraman, Kananook and Merinda Park. Very isolated and extremely dangerous before PSO's were introduced.

Since so many of us love the Hitachi's so much, why don't we offer our services to Elecrail. If enough people volunteered they may reconsider their decision.

Managing the public transport needs of a family of five with myki is a whole lot easier than it was with Metcard.
I would have thought it would be easier with Metcard. No worryin ...
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