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I was wondering if anyone could tell me if all the 3000 / 3100 class railcars running on the Adelaide metro network have been given their half life refurbishment?

Based on info on the web ...


My friend "Search" hasn't been able to help me with these questions so I was hoping a well informed Railpager might be able to assist.

NSW Trainlink has a fleet of 23 Xplorer and (I think ...

Posted 03 Jan 2021 15:43 in New South Wales by Campaspe 2


I understand that a full size mock-up of the new CAF train is currently located somewhere in Bathurst and is being used to obtain staff and customer group feedback on the proposed interior f ...

Posted 03 Jan 2021 15:35 in South Australia by Campaspe 2

Hello bevans,

Just one small correction to your last post.

Mr Malinauskas is the opposition leader (Labor) in the South Australian parliament.

He has been campaigning for quite some time in r ...

Posted 03 Jan 2021 15:29 in South Australia by Campaspe 2

Thanks for the correction on the slogan and the identity of the NRs carrying the slogan.

One other piece of information on The Overland.

Since 9 December 2020, you can earn and use Qantas Freque ...

Posted 03 Jan 2021 13:09 in South Australia by Campaspe 2

Great to see The Overland back.

It was a pretty long train - NR 66, then 4 x Red class BJ cars, RBJ 3, 2 x Red Premium BJ cars (must be BJ 4 and BJ 5) and then power van PCO 4.

Does anyone have  ...


Yes, for a period there was a Wagga Wagga day train.

A brief history of the service is outlined below.

[size=3][font=Times New Roman", serif]A day train between Sydney and Wagga Wagga ...


Are the grain facilities at Shepherds Siding located between Bomen and Harefield on the Main South line in NSW still being used?

if so, who actually owns these facilities?

If not, when ...

Thanks everyone for your help.

Kind Regards



I was wondering where the stop for the "Silver City Limited" railcar service (Adelaide - Broken Hill), which ran between 1986 and 1990 was located in Jamestown. At first I thought it was at  ...

Thanks Bevan and Fatty for the feedback on Table Top.

Fatty, how is work going on the Ettamogah siding extension?

Kind Regards


Just a bit more on the patronage numbers of The Overland.

The "Wimmera Mail-Times" published the following annual patronage numbers for the Overland in their issue of 15 January 2020. These numbers ...


I have heard a rumor that the disused crossing loop at Table Top (between Albury and Gerogery on the Main South) may be (or maybe it already has been) removed. Could someone in the local are ...


I have been trying to work out which V/Line locomotive hauled carriages have now been outshopped in the PTV purple livery.

The livery was introduced in mid-2014 when VLocity unit VL 40 wa ...

Does anyone know when the timber station building at Holbrook was removed?

The passenger service came to an end in 1970 and photos indicate that it had been removed by 1972.

I assume that it mig ...


Back in 1975, Hamersley Iron acquired NSWGR FS car numbers 2010, 2138 and 2141.

2010 was converted to inspection car SV 4 after it arrived and was repainted in the Hamersley Iron green an ...


Does anyone know when the Loco Shed and Goods Shed at Picton were removed? I assume that it occurred sometime in the late 1960s for the Loco Shed and late 1970s for the Goods Shed, but I was ...


I'm trying to confirm the current owner and location of the former South Australian Railways (SAR) 500 and 600 Class Cars - particularly Car 501.

I believe that their current owner and lo ...

During October / November 2017, the mural located in the former Interstate Booking Office at Central Station was cleaned following the fire that closed this area back in September 2015.

Since late  ...


The August 1982 (p.168) and February 1983 (p.18) issues of Newsrail cover the accident and the subsequent investigation into the cause.

In summary, the Coroner found that the driver of th ...


There is an excellent article by David Oram in the February 2013 issue of "Roundhouse" magazine (page 4) that actually lists the dates the 38s were painted grey, green and black between 194 ...


Does anyone know how the football fans who travelled across to the AFL 2017 Grand Final from Adelaide on The Overland (renamed the Crowverland for the trip) on Friday, 29 September 2017 actu ...

Does anyone know how long 4201 was out of service?

Kind Regards


Hello SAR520,

There is a drawing of the bridge over the Murray at Murray Bridge in the late Ron Stewien's book "A History of the South Australian Railways, Volume 5". The drawing is on pages 152 an ...

Hello nscaler69,

Have any more Overland cars been repainted by the workshops at islington?




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