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So what? Who cares if they have to go from one platform to another? And how many of these people are there??

Glenelg might be better off with a dedicated tourist tram line, if they want to play with toys, not the current light rail route.

It's like wedding cake = normal cake at twice the price, wedding bouquet = bunch of flowers at twice the price, etc. Just add the word airport. Airport bus = bus at twice the price, airport parking =  ...

Posted 23 Sep 2009 23:28 in Sydney Suburban by Capegauge

Can you blame them  Wink

Posted 22 Sep 2009 22:28 in Western Australia by Capegauge

You might be wasting your time, I think he's long gone.

Posted 18 Oct 2007 16:29 in Melbourne suburban by Capegauge

You have 2 mixed up

Harp St is the former East Kew station, on the outer circle line from Oakleigh to Fairfield

Kew station was in Denmark St, where Vicroads is now. The line ran from where the  ...

What railcars? We call them DMUs down here and when you use the word railcar in a New Zealand context, we immediately think of the Silver Fern and the old Fiats.

Yes well we don't use such non- ...

Wrong forum, put it in Trams and Light Rail before you get attacked yet again Mr thread whore.

Who cares? It's relevant to Sydney and it concerns a current goods railway, not a light rail line - le ...

Posted 15 Oct 2007 15:29 in Victoria by Capegauge

I have never read anything sillier

Who is conducting the review? Right Hon Tim Fischer

Where does Tim Fischer live?







Why Thornbury of all places? I presume some sarcasm intended.

I could understand Keon Park maybe (the end of the double track)

Mods, please delete this thread

Get rid of the pro Dorrigo trolls off the board

No Pan Am now. But still tasteless, all that raining wreckage.

Dr Who fans will appreciate

Link to the Master below

Posted 23 Sep 2007 09:41 in Victoria by Capegauge

Is this because connex = private company gets fined

Vline = government

Elements looks like Ron Christie's plan. Was that deliberate?

If you put ALL cityrail rollingstock on ONE train . . .

you'd put several NR class on the front, with whatever transition coupler you needed for the first car...

you'd inch the whole thing very ...

Posted 20 Sep 2007 13:43 in Victoria by Capegauge

When I did a trip to Yallourn in primary school (or perhaps very early seconday) we went by Walker. Boarded at Oakleigh.

And did the Walker actually go to Yallourn?

Pity it was a Walker, would h ...

Posted 20 Sep 2007 13:38 in Melbourne suburban by Capegauge

Hence my point. Revenue is not serious.

Double the patronage requires slightly less than double the number of trains and slightly less than double the amount of track on some routes.

The oil pri ...

Adelaide is an ideal city for light rail - not too vast, plenty of wide, slow boulevards.

Posted 20 Sep 2007 08:58 in Melbourne suburban by Capegauge

Revenue, lapdogging away.

When were the 10 trains ordered, when did the oil price start increasing at more the 50% a year? ...

The following link is in the google cache, but leads nowhere

It used to be possible to get a train from Sydney to Telarah every half an hour (195kms) - NOT BAD, GIVEN THE DISTANCE.

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