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The steam loco being built by the Smythe family in the Adelaide hills may be a good source of a suitable home for them. If sent to the other places mentioned they may just be relegated to the storeroo ...

Have you considered contacting the importer / manufacturer?


Hi all,

It seems that modular life is not really big, but I wonder if there is a larger problem.

With modern housing if you have a large room or shed suitable for a good sized layout it becomes a m ...

Re last trains to Burra.

As a little project I would like to look at.

Can anybody tell me the answers to these few questions.

Does anyone have access to video or data that can tell me the last c ...

In a previous life I did deliveries to building sites. On the rubbish heaps were always various lengths of household / alarm/ irrigation wire.

As it was free I collected lots.

Over time I used red ...

[sub]HO scale corrugated card

Packs of ten sheets in light grey 74mm x 225mm

One pack $ 13.00 posted

3 packs $ 30.00 posted

VR GY coal loads

$ 5.00 per pack of two.

postage determin ...

I have three kits for

VR FJ flour pots with decals for plain flour pots. Steam Era underframe included.

$ 25 each or $ 70 posted for any three items.

Also have TWO Grant & Wilson Yarrawonga/ Riv ...

All my rolling stock has my initials in gold marker pen on it. underneath.

I have also seen invisible markings that need a black light to reveal.

When taking my pre arranged rolling stock it was e ...

I have operated on a layout which had a fairly good collection of rollingstock, but also used outsider rollingstock. The benevolent dictator actually spent time generating a circular timetable and rec ...

alls well that ends well.

And I agree, it is great that you came back with the final result so we can all learn something.

Now that is modelling !!!!

My understanding of long weekend exhibitions are several

Many venues are available because regular sports events are often not played on long weekends hence venues are more readily available.

For  ...

I was watching this thread, I did a search and found the latest phone number after finding several disconnected ones.

I rang 02 9602 4824 and received an answer

The person who answered was rath ...

a seven car overland is not 400 pax.

power van

baggage car

refreshment car means 4 cars only with two and one seating in first class is only about 250 pax.

When we hear labor talking about cu ...

The point from double line to single leaving holdens would be very unlikely to have been spring operated.

During the war years the Hendon plant was a munitions factory.

I would think it unlikely t ...

Re Blackwood.

It was only removed during the standard gauge conversion.

Firewood in O, OX Of etc lasted till the very end of LCL and possibly later as an of of firewood was a full car load.

Th ...

Re the South Line traffic.

As a boy in the 1960's my church held annual picnics in National Park, and my  fathers army unit picnics were held on  the same oval. So up the 128 steps to National Park  ...

Posted 17 Oct 2018 19:30 in South Australia by Captainchoochoo61

[u][b]Given the Finsbury line was removed in 1985 and the land appropriated for other uses, surely resurrecting the line had long slipped out of the realms of possibility by the time the racecourse wa ...

No David, it is against Adelaide Metro OH&S rules to use any axe not equipped with electric start.

Because of the length of delays it was more important to keep 2 level crossings open rather than  ...

Good to see that something has been done.

As usual it is reactive thinking.

One thing that has been glossed over though is the trees etc in the area.

These type of crossings used to be dev ...

The title of the thread reveals a lot of information.

1. This happened at Unley Park,  What is the relevance of mentioning Cheltenham?

No this thread is about the problem at Chel ...

Considering it is a single line, what is your plan for permitting services to run?

1 it is double line at Cheltenham

2. Pull the branch out of the way.

3 Call my cousin as he  ...

The updates on Adelaide metro site are thirty minutes apart, and Adelaide Metro is not renowned for rapid notification of problems.

The suggestions put forward could be implemented immediately , b ...

Another thought on how the system is devolving.

In brake vans, redhens, bluebirds etc there was emergency equipment.

A stretcher,

A first aid box

a few goodies and a red handled axe.

Probab ...

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