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Page Four

48 foot containers – Walthers

All sold ... None left

2 x 933-1821 NASC

2 x 933-1820 APL

4 x 933-1806 APL

2 x 933-1813 Union Pacific-Gens ...

Page Three ..

20 foot tank container kits – Walthers

All sold ... None left

4 x 933-1963 Seaco SOLD

1 x 933-1959 Agmark

[b]Second page[/b] ...

[b][color=red]All sold ... None left


[b]20 Foot Containers[/b] - Walthers

2 x 933-2002 K-Line [color=red]SOLD[/color]

2 x 933-1759 Nedlloyd [color=red]SOL ...

Hi all.

Time for some bargains for fellow model train enthusiasts.

The following Walthers shipping containers have been hidden away in boxes waiting for a layout that's not going to e ...

The  mystery has been sorted.

Involved a new round of diplomatic phone exchanges with my ex  ... Think I'll leave it at that Rolling Eyes
Many thanks for all the prompt replies.


I spoke to Ron at Loftus and he hoped to have the 50class in July for distribution
Just curious, is there any news when these are arriving or perhaps reasons for delays?

Ha ...

Thanks for the update Michael.

Never seen one of their earlier BWH's, are they or these newer ones a similar standard as the Hi-Rail hoppers?

Still using  stacks of their NSW coaching st ...

[quote=Roachie] then it just looks like I will have to "settle" for 4x 45 class: 4507, 4508 (in reverse), 4520 (as restored, but I can't see any differences just by looking at the pic on their page) a ...

Thanks for that explanation Brissm, makes sense.

Not complaining about prices John. In fact it's good to see quality locos at these prices. Was just asking why the prices are the same and now have  ...

Great cross section of 45 class on offer there.


I'll second that!!!

Am stoked these are finally a reality. Definitely looking at the Tuscan & Red terror. The Marlborou ...

[quote=PeltonPinch]Actually, if you look closely, you will see that there are actually wheels on all of the bogies. The wrapping plastic is concealing a number of them, making them hard to discern, bu ...

Still need to know what scale is being used to offer any other advice.


Bob Comerford


Hi Bob,

Pretty sure Hendo is using N - Scale.

His original post sa ...

They are nice little wagons for  behind a loco, loading/stored  in a quarry,  or any yard area  Roachie. I have two sets.

Good your are considering weathering heavily, as they do have a very ...


Here's a Tam with the Austrains cars with original wheels, you can see the slight height difference with the 11.5mm wheels.

(click link to see full size image. [url=http://1.bp.blogsp ...

The link was dead for me when you first posted  Gremlin, but now it's good here also.

[quote=brissim]Not sure if it still applies, but I was told some time ago that there is an official release date attached to the AMRM and that sellers are encouraged not to put out the mag for sale be ...

Hi Ben.

As already stated, yes the site and business are still running.

Just this week I received upgrade kits for my NPRY hoppers.

If you are still having dramas, then do you want the phone/ ...

Thanks for the heads up guys.

Looking forward to seeing the 'Indian Red' photos Wink


Does anyone know if Eureka intend making another run of the HUB cars?

Have been browsing their site, but can't see anything indicating this.



HOORAY!!!! Now, let the wait begin!!! Wink
Hooray + 1

Gunna set aside some funds for at least two schemes.

The good old Tuscan and the Red Terror, both look the ...

Hi all.

Seeking the following in new, or very good condition. Weathered or as delivered 'pristine' considered.

[b]Eureka [/b]

The optional extra Intermediate HUB cars. [b][u]Dark Indian ...

Posted 01 May 2013 10:55 in Railpage Australia™ by Chipps

[quote=wolfpac]Maybe try copy to [b]Notepad or Wordpad[/b] first, then copy from there to the browser? (I do that to remove any MS Word formatting before posting long posts onto various forums)

Wol ...

Posted 30 Apr 2013 14:49 in Railpage Australia™ by Chipps

Under your user profile, you can disable the rich-text editor and use the straight text one instead.
Just a short thanks for that tip Speed.

Was trying to Copy/paste fr ...

Been browsing train related items and spotted this ....

A Mini going cheap Shocked ...

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