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Posted 02 Dec 2021 12:22 in Victoria by Contrillion

[]Enough food talk, I'm working off a lockdown lump.

Was the chatter I saw on Facebook about a revenue service this week true (sort of indicated as such upthread)? Doesnt sound like ...

Posted 22 Apr 2021 15:53 in Victoria by Contrillion

What's with the spate of "without buffet service" of late? Not just Albury but Shepparton has figured prominently in the last week or so.
From that list it suggests staff shor ...

Posted 19 Jan 2021 13:57 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=kuldalai][quote]Any reason for the slowing of trains on the western side of Ballarat with the new timetable?[/quote]Simply VLP building more fat into the timetables to protect the timekeeping. ...

Posted 24 Sep 2020 13:25 in Victoria by Contrillion

[][quote][SG Velocity] Seat count is approx 150 (146 if my count is right) with 6 wheelchair spaces[/quote]

For comparison the N set has total seating of 368 (52 in first, rest in econo ...

[quote=justarider][quote]ARTC want to build a higher bridge over the 1960's XPT track to accommodate double stacked freight, but it seem that a second track next to the original platform would be bett ...

Geelong Advertiser today reporting that Corio is also on the list.

Anyone know where the fifth is?

Posted 13 Jul 2020 13:44 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=bevans][quote]Raywood will almost certainly be just serviced by existing Swan Hill trains.[/quote]

The current timetable from Vline has a coach taking 32 mins from Bendigo to Raywood what migh ...

Posted 10 Jul 2020 10:18 in Victoria by Contrillion

Cancelled completely or terminating at, say, Wodonga?  (Not sure about track configuration, though)
Cancelled completely. Coaches are running Southern Cross - Wodonga with no ser ...

Posted 08 Jul 2020 13:55 in Victoria by Contrillion

Apparently V/line are about to commence 9-car V/locity trials between SCS and Wyndham Vale.
They ran a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday. Anyone manage to get any photographs?

In ...

Posted 07 Jul 2020 16:31 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=Fatty][quote]There have been trains in there but none running a regular revenue service as far as I am aware.

There has been at least one loaded test train, the folly of which has been docum ...

Posted 07 Jul 2020 11:37 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=Galron][quote]Took a number of photos around Benalla yesterday. Lots of cement tankers in the yard area stacked 2 high. Photos to Follow.[/quote]a lot of pre-cast pannels at the factory down t ...

[quote=Tarkinji]As a matter of curiosity, why did they make the standard-gauge line go through Geelong rather than Ballarat? Did they hope to pick up more business from Geelong than they would lose i ...

[]What are the load factors on the current N Sets? Might the adjustment down in capacity match the current demand? Might also there be adjustments coming Seymour and south with the int ...

Personally I have no issue with the extra wheelchair spaces.

Traveling on the line fairly regularly, the wheelchair spaces at the end of car C are often hotly contested by those with walking aids,  ...

Posted 24 Mar 2020 16:15 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=bevans]Albury services still facing delays after Wallan. You would think every available crew would be working the line to complete upgrades?

[url= ...

Posted 18 Mar 2020 10:31 in Victoria by Contrillion

No V/Line buffet facilities operating for the foreseeable future, due to the pestilence.

From the words of station and train staff.

Posted 13 Mar 2020 12:34 in Victoria by Contrillion

Most conductors manning the cafe bar/buffet/catering 'thing' have been waiving the cost of hot beverages for passengers on Albury trains as of late - I believe since trains resumed with 80 km/h speed  ...

Posted 06 Mar 2020 09:16 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=Carnot]It gets worse. Possible washouts near Euroa?

[url=][/quote]Jus ...

Posted 04 Mar 2020 11:22 in Victoria by Contrillion

Why not go down to Albury then, or even just Wagga, (close enough to the halfway point) and turn it back there? Too operationally challenging?
That's what is happening now. Sydn ...

Posted 26 Feb 2020 13:26 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=bevans][quote]An Age article suggested that the driver mightn't have been informed that the train was diverted via the "15 km/h loop". Does this mean that the point leading to the loop has a d ...

Posted 26 Feb 2020 09:47 in Victoria by Contrillion

I am happy to be corrected on this, but the clip in the video appears to be between Seymour and Albury.
Yes, it's the east line heading south at Bowser (near Wangaratta). ...

Posted 24 Feb 2020 10:34 in Victoria by Contrillion

I thought this section was 2 x BG and 1 x SG line or am i mistaken?
2x BG and 1x SG + SG passing loop.

Posted 21 Feb 2020 09:50 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=bevans][quote][quote]Are these questions even relevant at the present situation?[/quote]I think that the RTBU's comments may be very relevant given that according the the last WON issued, Walla ...

[quote=Lad_Porter]You can use MYKI to go as far as:

[ul][li]Eaglehawk/Epsom[/li][li]Seymour[/li][li]Traralgon[/li][li]Waurn Ponds[/li][li]Wendouree[/li][/ul]

To travel beyond any of those places, ...

[quote=freightgate]Why is multi not used to Maryborough today ?

Is myki used on buses in the area ?

Would the government so wider extending the rail services to the east and not to the north to ...

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