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I think it is almost certain that the only trains the line will see in the future will be LVR shuttles along certain sections. Reopening the whole line will never happen, let alone for commercial use.

And we finally have an answer, for what I thought would be a simple one.

Over to you bov.

Down past

The clue is for the station next to the one I am meaning

Valvegear got the first word correct (for the station described by the clue)

None of these are correct

Remember- Elevation, what is el ...

Not eastwood.

Remember, Down past the 90 degree elevation

None of these are correct

Hint- Compass

Down past the 90 degree elevation.

Been ages since I did one of these, should be rather simple.

[quote=RTT_Rules]Guy walks into a Mosque in NZ shooting people live streaming on FB and after FB limits love streaming and no one thinks twice or comments about loss of Free speech calling for account ...


[quote=GeoffreyHansen]I know this is an old thread but in the past I've wondered if the Zig Zag could be used as a track work alternative. Maybe the Zig Zag could be extended to Newnes Junction and a ...

As the creator of this idea, I must echo s3gunzel's points. The entity is gone, things named after said entity should be changed (most already have been).

Also, a very low percentage of Railpage us ...

Posted 09 Jan 2021 08:17 in New South Wales by DCook

I'm sorry if this has been asked before but will the new trains have a tilting mechanism like the X200
I doubt it

Posted 07 Jan 2021 18:31 in The Lounge by DCook

We all knew that it would end badly for Trump. I don't think that anyone could have predicted that it would get anywhere near this bad, to the point that we have confederates getting further into Capi ...

Read in the past few editions of both Steam Scene and Depot Diary, available on their website.

The tender of 5711 is apparently going to Chullora for major restoration at some point soon, I do not kn ...

[quote=nswtrains][quote][quote][quote]I have been told that V25 (DIM8041, DET9216, DCT9039, DIM8039) is going to be the heritage set. Can anyone confirm this?[/quote]And you heard this information fro ...

Posted 20 Dec 2020 14:24 in Railpage Australia™ by DCook

I get that if I log into Railpage and do not tick the "remember me" box.

When I log on and tick the box, the problem does not occur.

Works for me, might not for other people

[quote="FMAChet"]It is not my intention to create arguments, or to upset anyone, but apparently, 3801 is once again in need of repairs.

Is that true? If so, what is the reason behind those repairs? ...

Groups have been told to vacate the Large by end of June next year.
The video uploaded by THNSW gave the impression that the Chullora storage area would take years to complet ...

Hawkesbury water column was not in a good condition when I passed it last Sunday, it looked like it had been dismantled. This could have been related to the ongoing upgrades at the station.

Nothing ...

Wentworth Falls?

Hearing from several credible sources that the restoration of W3 is in it's final stages, apparently it will be transferred to FMC sometime in January.

Work has officially started on the project

TOC Wavier 203-983, dated 05/11/2020- 05/05/2021 has been issued on the TfNSW website for the movement of C set carriages from FMC to Flemington South Junction, this appears to be for all the C set ca ...

I curious as from where the passenger rolling stock was sourced.
I believe they are owned by THNSW, they did restore it.

The current consist of C10 is C3604, T4270, T4255, C3594.

This means that C3589 and T4260 are the retired carriages of C4 while C3587 and T4253 are the retired carriages of C10

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