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Posted 13 May 2021 10:35 in The Lounge by Dangersdan707

[quote=don_dunstan][quote]More crap above from the geographically challenged representative from SA.[/quote]Yet again I've got a mewling, sooky puppy running after me from thread to thread - desperate ...

I am not aware of any federal funding announcements for this work at least last night so rail misses out here.
An Extension of sparks Baxter does not add up financially, the  ...

Do the feds still have money on offer for this heavy rail proposal ?
No! Or else we would have heard about it!

Heavy Rail to Rowville is dead and buried at the moment. Lig ...

Posted 28 Apr 2021 21:02 in Western Australia by Dangersdan707

[quote=nswtrains][quote][quote]Word is this unit and another are being prepped to run on 'green energy' with a tender waggon.

904 also has FMG flat waggon FC06 sitting behind it on some track that ...

How long since a passenger train (excluding railfan specials) has made a planned service stop for passengers at Inverleigh?
Great Southern in January of 2020, for the Pickup of ...

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote][quote]Among Steamrail's fleet, the one I haven't seen for some time is D3 639.

Somebody will know - is the D roadworthy/undergoing some maintenance/ buried under Mt N ...

Posted 19 Apr 2021 12:19 in Victoria by Dangersdan707

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote][quote]No doubt there are reasons but it always intrigues me the power used on these trains.

I find it difficult to rationalise anything bigger than a single 48, 49 or T ...

Posted 19 Apr 2021 10:46 in Victoria by Dangersdan707

Dangerdan707 must be nearly catatonic seeing this....... NSWGR at your service:P
It's truely blasphemous seeing the Chumster out and about here

If it happens, I will Believe it. Not Holding my Breath on this one.

[quote=Djebel][quote][quote]Just to upset @dangerdan707 maybe everything heading on the north east and to shepparton should be converted to SG. This way there isn't a single track SG line and it might ...

[quote=Valvegear]Steamrail's website had a suburban tour behind Y112 advertised for last Sunday (21st). One part was City to Westall. I live 50 metres from Richmond station and the Y didn't appear.

D ...

Posted 17 Mar 2021 16:28 in The Lounge by Dangersdan707

Marxist ideologue than Dan 'Comintern' Andrews...

Know Fascist Ideolog Micheal 'Axis' O'Brien... (Also called Who?)

Anyway on the actual topic at hand, I have a feeling thi ...

Posted 16 Mar 2021 09:32 in Queensland by Dangersdan707

Spin, spin, spinny:
Canadian Built stuff from the 50s and 60s, given a new donk from the USA and Cab here in the ...

So, I happened to stumble across this video, discussing our current Public transportation projects. It seems, from the creator of this videos perspective, we are massively punching above our weight in ...

[quote=route14]In Shanghai maintenance are mainly done between last and first trains. Normal service disruptions happen on a yearly basis. That's talking about a network with frequency of 3 -- 5 min ...

oh god, your doing what you did with the African mining railways thread(s). Please stop, keep it to one big thread.

Posted 11 Mar 2021 08:38 in Victoria by Dangersdan707

[quote=Gman_86]How much would it cost to re-instate a broad gauge road at Maryborough to be used as a crossing loop?

Probably won't happen for the same reason they never got around to re-opening th ...

Posted 11 Mar 2021 08:35 in The Lounge by Dangersdan707

[quote=Carnot][quote]Turnbull was someone who had boundaries and set standards for the parliament. Morrison has done neither.[/quote]Morrison has been naïve at best on this issue. He probably though ...

Australia needs a Bełchatów, something to give the greenies a decent source of protest.
We had Hazelwood. That was close enough right?

Posted 07 Mar 2021 17:18 in South Australia by Dangersdan707

[quote=justarider][quote][quote][quote][b]How much $$$ savings are we (potentially, theoretically) talking here?[/b] If the SRL is (at this stage) supposed to share tracks with the airport line, the ...

[quote=John.Z][quote][b]How much $$$ savings are we (potentially, theoretically) talking here?[/b] If the SRL is (at this stage) supposed to share tracks with the airport line, then trains will have ...

Sydney is an older highly developed city.

Smaller Trains are fine, the high Frequency compensates for it.

I'm All for it. Frees up space on exisiting lines, creates new high capacity lines to  ...

God lord, there already is a thread on the Port of Melbourne and its rail developments. Why do were need another one?

Please post this there. no need to create a thready for every piece of news that ...

Posted 27 Feb 2021 22:33 in The Lounge by Dangersdan707

[quote=The Vinelander]

Anyone who thought Joe Biden was going to change policy on bombing the sh*t out of innocent civilians in the Middle East has just had a lesson in realpolitik.

So...the represe ...

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