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First 2 journeys of the season scheduled to depart Adelaide on 1st and 8th January 2021 per ARTC timings. ...

Noticed that said set V25 has just had an exterior repaint.

B27 delivered to Auburn today by a Southern Shorthaul Railroad 442.

F1 was at Flemington MC today.

Given that only a bit over 50% of stations are now DDA compliant, no chance of the December 2022 deadline being met, meaning exemptions will have to be granted. Or the non-compliant stations close, wh ...

The Maldon-Dombarton line was proposed as a means of transporting coal. Given that demand for coal is likely to reduce significantly in the next couple of decades, the chances of it ever being built a ...

Is the plan for the LVR to occupy Orange East Fork depot still proceeding? I had presumed this would have resulted in it vacating Cowra, which obviously isn't on the agenda.

Posted 12 May 2020 11:27 in New South Wales by David10

XPT power car XP2003, which has been out of use for a few years, has been returned to service after an overhaul including a repaint in CountryLink livery. Does this confirm XP2018, damaged in the Wall ...

In all reality it was probably lucky to survive as long as it did. It could have easily been wound up 30 years ago when the SA regional and interstate sleeper services in other states were wound up.

Would the government actually take GSR back?
Can't see the government bailing Journey Beyond out. It's fundamentally a tourist service and hasn't operated with any govern ...

Posted 15 Mar 2020 19:40 in New South Wales by David10

Presumably the coronavirus ban on gatherings of over 500 will see the 2020 event cancelled.

Posted 02 Feb 2020 22:20 in New South Wales by David10

Structurally the XPTs will last, but reliability is becoming more of an issue as they age. Believe the power cars are overdue for overhauls, but TfNSW is trying to avoid.

Posted 02 Feb 2020 21:19 in General by David10

The Indian Pacific chalks up 50 years of service this month. Are there any celebrations planned?

Posted 02 Feb 2020 21:15 in General by David10

Michael Portollio's Great Australian Railway Journeys commences its 6 week run on SBS on Tuesday 4th February at 19:30., followed by Griff's Great Australian Rail Trip on the ABC at 20:30.

D sets will come into revenue service on the CCN March this year, June/July this year on the BMT, and early 2021 on the SCO.
Unlikely, even if all the testing goes without any hiccups,  ...

Posted 02 Feb 2020 20:41 in New South Wales by David10

Sims, the UK experience has been that these CAF trains have not been delivered on time
CAF are not alone in this, trains from Bombardier, Hitachi and Stadler have also had lengthy de ...

Are these trains being delivered out of order too? The photo included in that article shows that the set is D103.
Sydney Metro Vlogs
I believe there are 20 carriages in th ...

[quote=justapassenger]GWA is actually an Australian company (Genesee & Wyoming Australia Pty Ltd) and not just a division of a US company. Once Macquarie own the business, they will own the name. If B ...

The Sydney Coach Terminal shop on the main concourse opposite platform 2/3 is being vacated this week. Presumably this is to become the new ARHS bookshop.

Didn't see any sign of it today, seems that all of the shops on the concourse are already occupied.

Noticed that the ARHS has sold its building in Redfern and appears to be in the process of vacating. Can't find anything on their website about it, has the bookshop closed permanently?

Posted 11 Apr 2019 10:28 in New South Wales by David10

Thanks for that, possibly the first passenger train to use platform 1 at Concord West that was built as part of the up freight line a few years ago. Laughing

Posted 02 Apr 2019 22:41 in New South Wales by David10

According to the ARTC train alteration notice a passenger train departing Thirlmere at 03:00 on Friday 12 April will proceed from Chullora via the Metropolitan Goods line arriving at Meeks Road Juncti ...

Posted 21 Feb 2019 16:31 in Sightings by David10

Indian Pacific sighted 20 Feb arriving into Sydney formed of a 29 car Ghan set, same thing happened about a month ago.

8256 is second loco on today's Indian Pacific to Sydney.
Also on today's westbound journey.
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