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Posted 27 Jan 2015 16:08 in The Lounge by Dungog Diesel

the media have turned it in to a circus

The media are reporting on a bemusing decision that is the latest in a string of poorly-judged, out-of-touch decisions from the PM.

Th ...

I'm an unashamed Labor voter and yet my experience with the new timetable has largely been very positive. Aunty Gladys has made her fair share of mistakes (making the NWRL single-deck and incompatible ...


Does anyone know how the new M-set style doors on T sets respond when people try and stop them from closing?

One of the (few) good features of the existing T set doors is that people running late a ...

Oh yeah right... must have been aaaaaaaall the fault of those pesky track workers. Seriously was that the ONLY reasonable conclusion you could jump to?

As for the fallen tree at Oatley, it's unseas ...

We're kind of splitting hairs here, but as the camera is facing the DOWN direction, Snowy is absolutely correct in saying that it's Casula on the down. The train is an up train, but since it is coming ...

Posted 02 Nov 2013 13:00 in The Lounge by Dungog Diesel

[quote="2301"][quote="Dungog Diesel"]Dungog Diesel

Spot on. Labor's regional resettlement policy has made a huge difference.

It would be ridiculous - absolutely ridiculous - to assume the coalition' ...

Posted 01 Nov 2013 18:52 in The Lounge by Dungog Diesel

Just in case anyone else is still keeping score. Illegal boat arrivals Oct 2012: 2,227, Oct 2013: 337... Yeah, Australian Policy makes no difference.

Spot on. Labor's regiona ...

Posted 31 Oct 2013 14:45 in The Lounge by Dungog Diesel

Loved it! Hilarious. Thanks for the link.

Posted 27 Oct 2013 15:03 in The Lounge by Dungog Diesel

So what is so sexist about calling someone a sexist pig when they clearly are a sexist pig?

Two responses to that.

First, if I walk up to a person from the sub-continent w ...

Posted 29 Jun 2013 08:03 in The Lounge by Dungog Diesel

It's certainly set up for a fascinating series! I for one think that 2-2 is a touch optimistic. It pains me to say it, but unless Boof can quickly and drastically improve our overall standard, we'll b ...

St Marys?

Lol if you're sick of people saying stuff like that, then take the hint and learn from their comments. That, and get a Flickr account. It's easy and it's free.

Now back on topic, I will gues ...

just about every man, woman, dog, cat and bird in Australia would understand and know that there is a problem with unauthorised arrivals

Well then just about every man, ...

I am not doing a thesis at university, so I don't see why I should quote citations and reference every time I post something here as I am just having a general discussion/debate.

Dungog Diesel, are you referring to the day Sydney Yard lost power in afternoon peak during a heat wave?

Quite possibly. The guard who told me the story may have i ...

Yes I agree. Did they just pick the colour scheme out of a graphic design catalog and approve it with no idea how it would look when applied to an actual train?

Yuck is all I can say. Yuck.

Not only not worth it but a total waste of money. We've been coping with non AC trains since day dot. Some people need to down a can of cement and you know what.

Yeah you ...

Posted 17 Jun 2013 17:22 in The Lounge by Dungog Diesel

Just as anybody even slightly to the right of centre (or hell, even centre these days) gets called shrill, far right, lunar right, redneck, racist, etc, etc.

Very true ...

Dear oh dear oh dear. That is awful.

Under the Brown/Rudd/Milne/Gillard FairWork Law, Sattler has to be given 3 warnings over 6 months, before he can be sacked, and even then Sattler can appeal to the courts.



It's an interesting story. Whether or not he deserved to lose his job over this incident alone is debatable (although it sounds like there have been plenty of other incidents and this was j ...

Yes I have to seriously question that too. Passenger trains skipping Central? I find that extremely hard to believe.

As for the passengers grumpily posting on social media about the driver who miss ...

[quote="Kurmudgeon"]Where do some Sydney train commuters get the idea that eating and drinking (non-alcoholic beverages) is banned on CityRail trains? There's a mention of this now and then in mX... l ...

It should be some more reasonable fine like $4000 on the spot fine and $9000 max penalty.
"Silver S Set"

I'm not sure anyone would call those amounts 'more reasonable'... They're rid ...

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