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A good guess, duttonbay, but it isn't Ballarat North.

Thanks, Lachlan's Train Channel.  It was a guess, albeit an educated one; I was deciding between Patchewollock and Yaapeet - either seemed to qualify - and the coin came up right.

Here's one for yo ...


Kulwin?  I believe the outer end of that line was Kull-ed.

Not Bungaree.

Some good answers there, but Glenrowan is the correct one.

- A closed station on an open line.

- Open to the general public for goods and passenger traffic.

- Closed t ...

Not Locksley.

Not Trawalla, Gheringhap or Bowser.

One of these guesses is on the right line.

Not Hattah or Baddaginnie.

To sum up (that often produces a winner):

[b]I am a closed station on an open line. I still have a station office, but I'll wager no ticket was ever bought from it.[/ ...

Not Longwood or Warrenheip.

Good guess, but not Irymple.

Further clue:

[b]I was closed to passengers as part of the New Deal in 1981 but remained an electric staff station for another decade, provided with switching facili ...

Neither Creswick Racecourse nor General Motors.  (I could have sworn that G.M. was the official limit of the suburban line in those days and therefore ineligible for this thread.)

Another clue, jus ...

Not Geelong Racecourse nor North Bendigo Junction.

Not Serviceton.  There was a possibly under-patronized Walker railcar service to Dimboola, and the Overland once stopped there, more, I think, to change engines and crews; but to say no ticket was eve ...

Thanks, hbedriver.

I didn't know the history of the peripatetic rails, but I reasoned that it had to be a line that closed early (making the Kilmore-Lancefield line a prime suspect), allowing time  ...

I'll try Goldie then.

If those rails could talk, they'd probably say, "Where am I Victoria?"

I don't really know where to begin, but as a guess I'll say Mount William.

I envy you, hbedriver, for being on that train.  I was a student at that time, having just got my driver's licence, and not a member of any railway enthusiasts' group.  So information about events lik ...

Baarmutha is absolutely right.

I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get to post the next clue, which was that the day on which this teaser was posted was relevant to the area.  The relevance was  ...

Not Ebden.  Good guess though.

I am aware that the earlier Ebden station, originally called Bethanga Road, then Bethanga, was closed in 1932 when the site was inundated by the water of the expended ...

Not Leongatha.

Thanks, Lachlan's Train Channel.

New teaser:

[b]I am a station on a closed line.[/b]

[b]My name was changed very early on.[/b]

[b]I was at the top of a long 1 in 30 grade.[/b]

[b]The la ...

I'll start with the obvious one and say Strzelecki.

Lachlan's Train Channel has it, and a golden duck for me!

Napier is the right answer.  (Sorry, Valvegear, it isn't Pirlta - there are, or were, a few too many B.G. stations with low platform ...

Thanks, hbedriver.  I rather think what you needed to do to frame the next clue was say that the the station was a terminus of a line from one direction the first time and from the opposite direction  ...

Would it be Heathcote?

I don't know for sure, but I'm wondering whether it had a standard turntable during its first period as a terminus.  I am sure it had a railmotor turntable when passenger ser ...

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