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More to the point, does the public need access to 4trak? Ummm, no.

The 59er has apparently been replaced with 3237.

Have you read the ad? One of the requirements is a relevant mechanical trade or engineering qualification. Basically, mechanic, fitter, fabricator.

If you don't have that, don't bother.

Ummm, what? How is that Hexam? It's in the outskirts of Melbourne near Macintyre loop from memory. The track on the left is dual gauge.

Posted 11 Feb 2015 20:46 in New South Wales by Fireman Dave

[quote="freightgate"]I am not an expert but I do not see reputable organisations basing important announcements and media releases solely on Facebook. This is never going to happen.

I thought soci ...

Crisps Creek is (as mentioned above) where the garbage train is unloaded. It's in the former Tarago-Bungendore section just around the corner a couple of kms from Tarago.

Posted 29 Jan 2015 19:58 in Victoria by Fireman Dave

A skilled reader can get very accurate distance measurements from a Hasler tape. The speed indication is very accurate, as is the time stamp.

The signal box for access to the ARTC yard in Goulburn ?

Dubbo ?


Goulburn has been remote access from Junee for over 10 years.

Posted 15 Jan 2015 20:55 in New South Wales by Fireman Dave

[quote=Raichase]The fuel siding has not seen a train since 2009. The last fuel train was 1327/3128 on Dec 19, 2009. Hauled in by X52/X50/X51, and they returned in the opposite order.

With me as the ...

Posted 06 Jan 2015 20:58 in New South Wales by Fireman Dave

Most wheat trains are 600-650m long. The typical PN export wheat train was (when I was working for them a few years ago) 2x81 class + 40 NGPF/KF for 614.4m.

[quote=palz]I'm new to rail safe working, can someone help me with some clear information on how to look after type F level crossing if your sent there in an LPA. I'm a HS2 with no experience, what do ...

This thread makes me laugh. The ARHS ACT division has been running tours like this (as an accredited operator) for about 20 years. I suspect they have identified all the issues and will have resolved  ...

[quote="freightgate"]How do we know the 4trak system is the best way forward ?

Just because ARTC thinks so does not mean it is the best system.

Are the vlocity dmu's on ice being managed in the ...

[quote="freightgate"]We will have to wait and see I guess.

Vincent Graham was a disaster for Australian rail. The network and it's many customers (many now lost to road) have never recovered.[/quo ...

Stored at Newport and the status of the locomotive is between the organisations involved, gunzels don't need to get involved.

But the gunzel opinion is by far the most  ...


What sort of rollingstock would likely be run behind it?

Gee, I dunno, maybe the rolling stock owned and operated by the ARHS ACT division.

Canberra didn't exist in 1912. The largest town in the area would have been Queanbeyan.

An EOI is an expression of interest, it's not an application. They don't have to do anything with it.


The reason no ones buying new cars is no one has any spare cash, and a lack of job security. The economy is very quiet at the moment.

The biggest problem with export grain haulage is the number of smaller exporters than there used to be under the single desk. The individual volumes mean a larger amount is now carried by road rather  ...

Posted 15 Nov 2014 18:25 in Victoria by Fireman Dave

Could be a marker light that is mounted under the main signal head.

Still paper orders.

The section Bungendore-Tarago remained electric staff to make the working of Crisps Creek easier.

I think the reaction to the light rail project is very disappointing, though I'm not suprised. My opinion is that it's the perfect project for Canberra, and now is the time to do it. It's a shame that ...

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