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Posted 27 Jul 2021 09:02 in Victoria by Galron

not that its of any consequence at this point, but doing away with the middle cabs and having fixed 6 car sets would have been far better, and only necessitate a single buffet for the set. Yes, i am w ...

Posted 26 Jul 2021 20:46 in Victoria by Galron

Do XTPs count as loco hauled or DMU?  Because if could take all night to get to/from Melbourne at the restricted DMU speeds beyond Maryborough.
very much loco hauled. power units  ...

Posted 26 Jul 2021 19:49 in Victoria by Galron

i'll just throw this on the table as a not to silly idea that was on one of the facebook groups today thats worth talking about here, is that was rather than take N Class and N sets from the albury ro ...

[quote=Jack Le Lievre]TOC Waiver 21001

Distribution Date: 22/07/2021

Restricted Operation and Testing of Steam Locomotive R766 on the ARTC Network ...

Posted 22 Jul 2021 17:46 in Victoria by Galron

[quote=bevans][quote][quote]Thinking about this today what new business did PN create on Broad Gauge since buying FA and since Qube moved into the market?[/quote]you jest. PN, new business, and victor ...

Posted 21 Jul 2021 20:26 in Victoria by Galron

Thinking about this today what new business did PN create on Broad Gauge since buying FA and since Qube moved into the market?
you jest. PN, new business, and victoria just dont g ...

Posted 27 Jun 2021 15:46 in South Australia by Galron

Anyone know when the clean-up will be completed as 4MP7 with NR113 and NR5.

The locos arrived with what consist they could move into Perth yesterday.


From the ausloco mailing l ...

[quote=kuldalai][quote]Should we expect the next sets out to be the SG ones, or are they still a ways off?[/quote]WN reports 89, 90, 91 & 92 are bg Commuter type with 2 toilets and 222 seats.

Next ...

Should we expect the next sets out to be the SG ones, or are they still a ways off?

Not as if the cocky has just taken up the tracks, looks like he has done significant earthworks as well. One hopes a sizable book is thrown.

In looking at what of PN's has been going through Gheringhap in the past week, the grain trains are mostly 2 loco 40 wagon trains. There is the odd 3 loco service. Would having a 3rd 3000hp loco on th ...

[quote=bevans][quote]One of these days one would hope that the realisation will dawn - B doubles are not suited to inner suburban roads, full stop.[/quote]

Should never have been allowed to come anyw ...

Posted 15 May 2021 19:55 in Victoria by Galron

Yes, why not use bg only concrete sleepers for the entire project? Timber is surely more expensive these days?
Because it should be done in SG like the original plan dictated. un ...

I think the big tour thats happening in the next week will use all operational mainline steam loco's in the state.
Is R707 going? Or any of Maldon's locos?
I tho ...

Posted 15 May 2021 08:05 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by Galron

The last that I heard, V544 was deemed to be too expensive to reactive. But 1Rail are short of locos and were looking at new motive power of the E.M.D. variety.

Jack Le Lievre

Too ex ...

Posted 14 May 2021 20:07 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by Galron

Just passing it on, a post from someone on FB today has V544 being sold to One Rail, and is in the process of being re-activated at Port Augusta. It was uncertain from the post but it may come out as  ...

[quote=hbedriver]The value to the State and 3rd party tourism businesses might be seen from their plans for the next 7 days.

Ballarat transfer tomorrow (Saturday), K153/190/Y112. Over the following ...

BG at Werribee has re-opened fully, with driver training by PN and V/Line in recent days. Expect things to return to normal any day if they haven't already. They have some cleanup still to do, but wil ...

[quote=hbedriver]Referring to Galron’s remarks;

I don’t understand the remark about Xtrapolis trains. These have scrubber blocks, can be savage with wheel slips and slides, but stop reliably. M ...

If they can run duel gauge into the site would be a good spot for dismantling double stacked container trains from inland rail and run them into the ports by truck, or train of either gauge. Depending ...

looks like it was an acid tanker if this twitter post is accrate.

twitter links not showing/loading inline for me.

The question again in my mind at least is have B-Double routes gone to far?

I believe the truck was carrying fuel?


It has been reported that the truck in question was a "tanker ...

This is why B-Doubles are allowed all over Melbourne.  They shouldn't be.
Carnot ...

It seems Vlos might have an issue stopping in a reasonable manner in wet weather, possibly related to the traction control system trying to prevent wheelflats?
Lachlan's Train Channel
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