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Posted 21 Sep 2021 14:55 in Melbourne suburban by Gman_86

You might want to watch who's tweets you share, less you be judged by who's company you choose to share, or perhaps more appropriately, who's opinions you choose to parrot.

Malcolm Roberts is a kno ...


[quote=Yawn]Keyboard jockeys should get away from their computers for a while and grow up and take on management and committee positions.

Offensive avatars and brainless comments don't rate in the ...


You can't do half the job, you do it all. This means from Southern Cross to Waurn Ponds. Whether that is via Sunshine, or through Newport & Footscray or via a future Metro 2, it doesn't matter, it nee ...


From VicSig (may have to click on photo to expand):

Photo: Ian Green


Did it fall off?

I spend a lot of most days driving a 22 tonne truck around Greater Melbourne and as far as bottlenecks on Melbourne's roads go, it doesn't even make the top 10 in my experience.

Leave it as it is  ...

myki Zones:

Gembrook – 2

Healesville – Regional 2/3

Warburton – Regional 2/3

Stony Point – 2

Mornington – 2

Whittlesea – 2


That doesn't necessarily mean anyth ...

A fair idea, although, the question is would it just be easier (and cheaper) to just build new stabling capacity somewhere else?

Posted 14 Sep 2021 16:28 in Victoria by Gman_86

Am I correct with my guess that another PN grain stalled heading up Warrenhiep Bank yesterday?

XR553, XR550 & XR555 ran light engine on the down through Gheringhap in the late morning returning wit ...

Does anyone here actually believe this level crossing should stay.......
It would be nice to get rid of it, but honestly, if it is going to cost the taxpayer half a billion dollars ...

The Federal government made a promise to remove this crossing, so why are they passing it on to the state to do?

The State government is working through a large program of level crossing removals o ...

[quote=RTT_Rules][quote]This thread is a bit of a laugh isn't it.


Worst of all, New South Wales & Victoria wouldn't be in lockdown right now if the Federal Government hadn't of royally scre ...

Posted 11 Sep 2021 21:02 in Victoria by Gman_86

Nice to see some of us can get out there and see some trains again. Nice video Greensleeves.

This thread is a bit of a laugh isn't it.

One of you crapping on about giving Morrison another go because it would have been a mess if Labor was in charge? Nice crystal ball gazing there. Nice to k ...

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote][quote][quote]I have personally been calling out for this for some time including writing about this in last years April fools joke. It is past time the federal governmen ...

Where do I start?

First of all, this policy has nothing to do with AfterPay or BeforePay or any other advertising client who is currently advertising on Melbourne's trams. Whatever your thoughts of ...

[quote=62440]What is driving this? Is it just a campaign to stop all Skyrail type projects? Would people rather have shaded playgrounds under railways or a 30m wide trench with no cross access, cuttin ...


My knowledge of different lines and docks in the Port precinct is a bit foggy, I'm assuming that this is the track that is on the immediate Western side of the Bolte Bridge.

Would a rail bridge ne ...

I have said it before and I will say it again, the 2 crossings on Macaulay Rd are unlikely to be removed in the near future (next 10 years).

Just too damn messy.

As well as being responsible for providing a rail service, V/line are an employer. As an employer it is important to show your employees as well as prospective employees and of course customers (in th ...

And here's little old me thinking it was High Profit Freight Vehicles. I must do better.

Also, apart from Metro 2, can somebody also please advise on the best way to get ...

I have to agree with Carnot. Seems like typical agenda driven scare tactics designed to stir up trouble in the community.

Real ordinary stuff from the Hun here.

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