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I hope someone has noticed the extensive work on the Queensland cane railways.


[quote=voom]Hi Hairyleg,

For your proposed lines layer, perhaps this map will interest you:

The County of Cumberland plan had quit ...

If it helps when you next update maps the coal loader at Werris creek has been in use since around 2005. You can see the loader and some new rail line.
Thanks, Chuffa,

This was ...

[quote=Toten]I started my own mapping of abandoned lines in NSW then discovered your work. WOW.

Although I did get the lithgow line a little wrong.

Thank you hairyleg for such a comprehensive master ...

[quote=mikesyd]I just noticed that two locations seem to exist up in the NE Corner of SA, east of the Birdsville Track:

Milkappa - never heard of it.

Panitya - this is also the last location on ...

[quote="M Felstead"]To hairy leg. I'm a newbie. I have some corrections and one new track in Victoria to give to you to add to the file. What is the best way? A picture or do you have how to create th ...

Once again, Dr Waddles has volunteered to host this file on an alternative site as follows:

[url=][color=#0072c6]http://www.oz ...

Can we get a screenshot please?

I'm getting the same error on Win 7 and 8 when I try to open the file downloaded from Railpage.

For a screen shot, see the link by Petan.

I ...

[quote=bevans]I noticed today we have the current? version of Hairy Legs Australian Tracks online for download at: [url=] ...

[quote=Bogong]Here's a dead easy one to add, no research needed..

Map from this website. [url=] ...

Hi Hairylegs,have you undertaken any of NZ rails historic tracks;many ghost rails here and could be interested locals .

Follow your NSW AND WA regins overlays.

No, but that th ...

Nothing from me.

Open floor.

Silica tramway to Bannisters Point from quarry near Pattimores Lagoon, just south of Conjola. Operating during the 20s and 30s.

Detailed by Jim Longworth in "Light Railways" No 205, Feb 2009.

Photo  ...

We have a winner.

Maldon to Dombarton it is.

Strange indeed to have nearly ALL the km and half km posts, and in nearly new condition too.

I recently had the good luck to get into the Sydney ...

That is another possibility eliminated.

Just because the paint looks good, doesn't mean it wasn't painted 28 years ago.

Kilometre posts do stand beside the track, and should normally be visible, b ...

Time for a hint?

Yes, it is a NSW kilometre post.

Yes, it does read 114.

Yes, it is very overgrown.

And no, it has never been moved.

Hill Top?

Good guess but wrong.

There won't be too many guesses left, how about also including the logic behind the guess.

Thanks 7334. Open floor

This one should be quick, but I hope it will be interesting.


The line into Homebush sale yards across Parramatta Rd

That looks to me like the old line into Sydney goods yard/darling harbour where it crosses Ultimo Rd looking north

MGH, what format is google maps looking for?RegardsBrianDon't get "Google Earth" confused with "Google Maps".Google Earth is the installed software, Google Maps is the on-line product (but they both u ...

In what format does the data exist for these rail lines?Getting hairylegs involved would also be a good idea. Perhaps he could provide the initial database of information?I would be happy to offer m ...

I try to work at the most detailed scale available, the only problem is finding historic material that is geographically accurate.

I am happy to offer any advice on resources and techniques if you ca ...

Curious about the line on the steam era former Tweed Heads Coolangatta line shown heading east fromWorongary Station near the Pacific Motorway intersection with Springbrook Rd / Gooding Drive? 28 2' ...

Good news for all.There is another version available of my Google Earth kmz file for all tracks in Australia.Dr Waddles has been kind enough to once again host this file on the following link:http://w ...

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