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[quote=Poath Junction][quote]Any details on which number ACS Eureka's planning on making?[/quote]

ACS922 and 925. Running numbers and body style details for all the models are noted in my earlier ...

Any details on which number ACS Eureka's planning on making?

[quote=David Peters]AMRM really gloss over a model to make it look good and how many have found otherwise at times! I now do not read the review sections at all. And who reviews their own publications ...

Luke, this is a fantastic video. Although you can stop and rewind a video if you missed something, I found that the way you have shot and edited it allowed me to watch it once and understand the techn ...

Monaro models is probably your best bet for paint, glue and styrene, but if you want railway-specific stuff I recommend mail order or waiting until the bigger exhibitions.

There's two model railway ...

Trackrite looks like this, comes in N scale too. Available from a number of model railway shops - Brunel Hobbies, Model Railroad Craftsman to name a few.

[img] ...

Keener eyes than mine 2LaGrange - I didn't pick that up. Would definitely have spiked the cost of tooling.

Meh, it's still the only RTR V set around, and good value considering everything g ...

[quote=alltrainzfan]Auscision likes covering every single variation of everything they're doing except for the Vs it seems. Where are the original 1970s ones, the DCMs, DCTs, two variants of the DITs, ...

Hi all,

Looking for:

[color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, 'Segoe UI', Segoe, 'Segoe WP', Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]1x Trainorama MHG, with original body (ducket lookout) in ...

Greetings all,

I would like to swap one of any of these:

SDS models' OCY 14902 in PTC teal from OCY Pack A -  this wagon has a slight bow in it so I'll throw in 2x PTC teal RACE containers or 3x ...

Did anyone attend this today? I'm going tomorrow and want to know to get an idea of what retail stands are there before I start a kit with some spare time I have this weekend. Couldn't  find an exhibi ...

Thanks Catchpoint, I thought I saw some RHKYs in the run-around road going past on Friday night. Can't be far off operations now!

[quote=Jade Wuiske][u][b]Important Announcement - 2401D Locomotives[/b][/u]

[img] ...

For Sale

Southern Rail Models' PRX Pack NPRY1 (Series 1, late 1970s PTC scheme) - $200 including postage to anywhere in Australia.

Brand New In Box, opened once to test. Selling b ...

[quote=catchpoint]Am assuming here that you are referring to the recently announced April 1st Special?

Yes, mine arrived in post yesterday.

I think SDS might be busy attending an exhibition in Q ...

Has anyone who ordered the OCY+RACE containers received their order yet? I've tried to get in touch with SDS but haven't heard back yet.



Posted 15 Feb 2015 20:40 in Operators by Indefatigable

Anyone know when it's heading back to Sydney? Keen to see a freight working in Canberra again.


G'day Mark,

Sounds like an interesting subject for a layout. One thing I recommend is taking photos of the scenery beside the railway line as you go past it in the train, and printing off those pho ...

Any commentary/views on the PRX's from those who have received theirs?


Austrains 36 class, preferably Belpaire boiler version, in black, non-DCC.

Any road number, but must be in good working order, nothing broken, nothing missing.

Will pay $380 or ha ...

Update 23/12 - NPRY's and Vlocities will arrive at the warehouse on 5th Jan and be sent out from then:

4620 is a very confident move for what is a loco that had a chequered career

I thought the same. When Auscision announced that 4634 had sold out, the only other 46 class in that ...

Wow they look beautiful! Thanks for the photos Ben. By the way, where did you pick up the backdrop in Photo 2?




No worries Shelton.

The backdrop in photo  ...

Picked mine up today, photo's below as promised:


[img] ...

An update: I went past this afternoon and the 48 and hoppers have left. The sidings are empty again.

Anyone know when regular services will commence?



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