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SEM R CLASS numbered R761 only run once this is DC and looking for $1200 ono  ...

Here's a flat top I done over the weekend.......

Presents Bill?? I paid $400 ea set I ordered I hardly call that a present lol

WANTED, PSM BCE PM me if you have one to sell.

TRAINBUILDER announced its doing N class steam in various styles and also a limited number of K class loco's as well ...

This year Sandown is having a market style sale on the Sunday for the small cottage industry and manufactures So if you're looking to get kits or products from the small guys who previously were never ...

Posted 30 Nov 2012 14:08 in Model Railways - General Discussions by J514

Further CHRISTMAS SALE all Brass cars and plastic models have been reduced by over 10% until 25th of December.

Posted 27 Nov 2012 10:56 in Model Railways - General Discussions by J514

I have another Special running until Christmas:

Posted 22 Nov 2012 09:13 in Model Railways - General Discussions by J514

I have these in the store this week at a reduced price which may interest some of you VR guys

Posted 23 Sep 2012 15:05 in Model Railways - General Discussions by J514

If you join up as a member you will be automatically emailed new products as listed..........

Posted 21 Sep 2012 14:39 in Model Railways - General Discussions by J514

Hi All, just letting you know I'm now the distributor for TRAINBUILDER SPARES range of brass detail parts.I have setup a online shop to make it easy to access the range, also on the site I'll be selli ...

On the workbench today is this

wanted PSM BCE pm me if you have one to sell

Contact details for these kits that were in the magazine are

Nathan Peters

Anymore info on who will be there????

Nice work there James, its a pity this guy is so unreliable as there is many things he has that come up very good when you put a bit of time into them............

you worked for me too was easy for him to get my money, and in return nothing to me

So are we just suppose to forget about the kits or money we are owed and move on just because he has a new website. Before you Mods slap me just remember the past history of this guy.

Hi All,          Im after a set of Austrains X class bogies, not stressed about the condition of the sideframs as long as all the internals are the and they work.if you have some to sell plea ...

Here's one of the many that I've built, if you put in the time you will get the results......

So is someone going to put us out of our misery? lol

Picked up these the other day,  My new Vline royal set Very happy they are excellent, well done TRAINBUILDER!!!

WANTED: Now that Auscision is doing the J series hoppers I was wondering if any one has any RMM kits of the apex wagons they would like to sell, PM me if you have any to sell.

has this gotten out of hand? ...

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Search found 798 matches

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