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Cheetham's Siding?


Lad_Porter has it with Seville!

Over to you....

Neither Stratford nor Bolton

And yes, England counts as part of Europe

Not Lubeck or Antwerp

Thanks Faredodger

First Clue: I have the same name as a city in Europe and a soccer team.


Rowsely? (again, I have absolutly no clue if the e in that is in the right spot)



Is it Carlsruhe? (I hope I spelled that right)


Ouyen it is!

Over to you, railblogger

I'll give another clue

I closed in the 90s

Sorry everyone , epic fail by me. The line is still operational, must've misread the information.

The clues are:

Junction station

Operational line

North West

Closed station

Not Ben Nevis or Maldon Junction

Not Noyra

Think North West

Not Wodonga or Newtown

None of the last three

There are more tracks than platforms here

Not Everton nor Koroit

None of the previous two

It’s not Maffra

Not Cathkin

It’s not Echuca

I am a junction station on a closed line

Not Eaglehawk

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