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[quote=justarider]You just don't seem to get it [url=/user/520][b]@John[/b].Z. the aim is to get rid of deisel wherever it's practical.

Since you are talking about a new fleet of trains,

For the m ...


So you propose electrifying the line to Swan Hill ?

OH does not esure upgrading, better services and higher frequency

The transition to Green Energy is fine, but pick your bat ...

[quote=bevans]Noticed yesterday when out there is a connection between Park Street and Fitroy Streets St Kilda at what is now at the end of route 12. Is this connection used at all for any route ser ...

Posted 25 Sep 2021 15:51 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

[quote=Rossco T][quote]Thanks for that - not clear at all really: they've specified South of Mercer Dr but not North of it.

From Mercer Dr there's plenty of carpark you can crunch through. You coul ...

I'm really not convinced about that excuse. The siemens train seat is really not that far off centre that it makes a difference.
Not my excuse, probably a union thing. Just r ...

[quote=John E]Alan Tudge posted on his Facebook page this week that the State Government have officially told him they will not consider heavy rail to Rowville at this time, despite a $475M federal co ...

[quote=justarider]Err yer nah.

That's the trouble with jumping into solution , before analyzing the problem.

Electrification of NSW regional is so 1970s. High speed Europe so 2000s.

Absolute ...

What was the issue with Xtrapolis on Sandringham line?
The x'traps have centre cabs not to the left like all other trains, which meant there was issues with sightlines for signal ...

[quote=bevans][quote]Maybe a new calculator Brian. $150M ??

15km to Sunbury cost $270M, and that was 10 years ago. Plus 35km being re-done for $1.4B to cater for more trains.

What does that cost ...

Posted 20 Sep 2021 10:50 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

[quote=justarider]Are we still playing the "poor me, western burbs" card.

Not every outlying suburb is going to get a train station.

Point Cook is not as big as you make out. Half the size of Kno ...

VLine really needs to be buying bi-mode trains, should've been since the 2010s. That way, you don't get locked into not electrifying due to your rollingstock and can electrify as frequency demands wit ...

Posted 20 Sep 2021 00:39 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

[quote=justarider]Since we are talking about lines on a map [url=/user/520][b]@John[/b].Z, I thought I would draw yours as a reference point.



Posted 19 Sep 2021 15:20 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

[quote=Lockie91]While I agree that it should not run via Sunshine and duplicate an existing rail service. For the time being the line on the map says it will. It would be nice to see some realistic pl ...

Posted 19 Sep 2021 12:26 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

[quote=Lockie91]I would imagine the station will come several years after the gloss has worn off the Airport Line. Everyone is obsessed with limited stops and running time, keeping this as close to 30 ...

Posted 18 Sep 2021 13:34 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

[quote=bevans]Found these images of the new version of the Xtrap. Was there an announcement I missed?


[img=3 ...

[quote=chomper]I'm not so sure it's a political stunt.

On Wednesday I was walking back to my car parked on Broadway Reservoir (I was shopping on the Edwardes St side) and as I walked through Spaghe ...

Posted 15 Sep 2021 22:15 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

Wouldn't It be easier to sink the Swan Street / Madden Grove Intersection and keep the railway at the existing grade ?
Swan St is already elevated over the Camberwell lines, so ...

Posted 15 Sep 2021 19:24 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

If it's ever built.
The station or the airport rail line?

Posted 14 Sep 2021 20:00 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

A fair idea, although, the question is would it just be easier (and cheaper) to just build new stabling capacity somewhere else?
Potentially, although I think it's sorely needed.

Posted 14 Sep 2021 16:55 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

[quote=historian][quote]There are 4 left aren't there along that stretch?

[ul][li]Madden Grove[/li][li]Glenferrie Road[/li][li]Tooronga Road[/li][li]High Street[/li][/ul]

I actually think High S ...

Posted 14 Sep 2021 11:08 in Melbourne suburban by John.Z

[quote=Lockie91]Why this needs its own thread is beyond me, considering it was discussed in the LX thread when The Hun published an article on this.


The business case has been comple ...

[quote=Djebel]The flour mill sidings are at ground level. If the Macaulay Rd LX is removed by elevating the rail, how will the train be able to gain access? ...

[quote=Gman_86][quote]...Knock everything south of Glenroy out and get it all done in one go [u][b]by rail over at Kensington[/b][/u], rail under the road at Moonee Ponds...[/quote]How do you propose ...

Nope. Does not work like that.
So you claim that the Solar Farms in Mildura are actually powering the tram network 500km away?
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