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I've often wondered, is it usual for a year's harvest to be fully transported before the next year's harvest starts to come in? Sometimes when I am out in the wheatbelt not too long before harvesting  ...

How did the rest of the bridge survive?  It looks a bit like some of the piles have been sawn down. Did a fire crew cut down some piles between the burning and unbunt sections to save it from complete ...

Posted 23 Feb 2020 23:55 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by Kafoopsy

greasyrhys, why is it sad?

If the engine was stuffed and it was surplus to requirements then it's time to turn it into razor blades!


Don't turn it into razor blades, just s ...

That's a bright one.

They are getting a bit simplistic these days with liveries.  This one only has two colours and a very basic design.  Surely they could spend a few more dol ...

Thanks for those links Mouse.  Photos of the bridge were what I really wanted to see.  Looks like it was a lovely old trestle with two truss spans.  Its sad that none of these type of bridges remain.

Does anyone have photos or information on this line?  My map from 1952 shows it and I have seen a single photo of the bridge over the Swan River being dismantled (it was a timber truss bridge).  I'd l ...

Posted 04 Dec 2017 03:00 in Western Australia by Kafoopsy

Hmm, so none of the old Prospector cars have been officially preserved?

I love the sound of these horns.  A few WA locos have them too.  The CBH and ACx classes  But not unfortunately the ACNs.  The only horn that sounds better is the Leslie S5.  Unfortunately they are ra ...

[quote=steve_w_1990]You're always in a dilemma with station locations.

Put them in the middle of town, you battle noise complaints, lack of space for parking etc.

Stick it out in the middle of ...

Hehe, the station is in Forestfield by a whisker.  Its a long way from most of Forestfield.  Perhaps they should drill the tunnel a bit further and have the station at the Forestfield shopping centre.

They (and the wool shed that was next to them) are all long gone now.

Ah, the good old NRs.  Love the sound of the horns when they were new!  I suppose those other locos were in dynamic when the NR was being tested?

Posted 13 Jun 2016 23:09 in Western Australia by Kafoopsy

Operating around Picton at the moment:




Various ACNs

Parked in the yard:



DBZ2310 (I think)

How many ACNs are in WA at the moment and what numbers are they ...

That's good news.

Still, it would have been nice to return R1902 at least to preservation with a plaque saying, "This is the locomotive that built the Mandurah Railway"  It must be one of the few l ...

I drove past South Spur's old yard today to take a few photos of the old silo there before it is demolished and noticed that the narrow gauge locomotives stored there appear to be in the process of be ...

Yep, the DL's (especially 44) looked pathetic in the cheap NRC livery even when it was freshly painted.
I love the arrowhead livery.  One of the best liveries in Australia, I  ...

Posted 15 Jan 2016 04:59 in Western Australia by Kafoopsy

I wonder, did the fire do much damage to the Alcoa conveyor belt or the refinery itself?

Posted 14 Dec 2015 01:32 in Western Australia by Kafoopsy

I saw DBZ2310 heading light engine toward Kwinana today.  Is it coming out of storage to work somewhere?

DBZ2311 was working out of Picton on caustic trains last week.

The DBs will be missed  ...

All the Ks and Ds had quite recently been painted so even when the were scrapped, they still looked in great condition.

I wonder why none of them were given / sold to SCT?  As parts or something for  ...

Posted 28 Oct 2015 00:26 in Western Australia by Kafoopsy

I wish they would stop referring to individual carriages as railcars.  They are permanently coupled into 3 or 6 car sets.  It is done just to make the numbers sound bigger.

Posted 24 Sep 2015 00:23 in Western Australia by Kafoopsy

There is likely enough grain still there from last season to keep the grain trains running all year round.  I'm not sure how it works, but they appear to work certain lines for a few days at a time.   ...

Thanks for the updates, swrhc!  I really like reading about what is happening at Boyanup.  One of these days I'll manage to come down and attend one of the open days - I've never been there before.

The track between Capel and Busselton was lifted years ago.  I can vaguely remember it being there when my family went to Busselton at Christmas time in the mid 1990s.  Many of the small bridges are s ...

Posted 22 Jun 2015 22:25 in Western Australia by Kafoopsy

[quote=8888]A loco swap has occurred at Albany over the past weekend for the woodchip trains there. DBZ2309, 2310 and 2311 have returned to Forrestfield, replaced by P2502 and 2517 and PA2819.[/quote ...

Posted 18 Jun 2015 01:40 in Western Australia by Kafoopsy

Aurizon wanted to sell some old iron to a foreign purchaser, presumably on the basis that the old iron would not be used again in Australia.  
I've never understood this.  Wha ...
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